Current PhD vacancies are listed below. See the postgraduate pages for more information on our PhD programmes.

Electron and energy transfer in two-dimensional covalent organic frameworks
Probing the electronic structure and dynamics of photoactive protein chromophores using photoelectron spectroscopy (closing date: 31/07/16)
Sensitive gas sensor devices (closing date: 15th July 2016)
Following the Fate of Photo-Activated Chromophores Using Quantum Dynamics Simulations (closing date: 31/07/2016)
Modelling the ligand binding kinetics in G protein-coupled receptors (closing date: 22/07/16)
Solar hydrogen generation over rutile/anatase TiO2 (closing date: 15/07/16)
Understanding the Mechanochemical Synthesis of Mixed Oxides using Synchrotron and Neutron Techniques
Two PhD Studentships in Chemical Biology and Computational Chemistry