Current PhD vacancies are listed below. See the postgraduate pages for more information on our PhD programmes.

Hydrogen from solar power (application deadline: 31/03/2017)
Wellcome Trust 4-year PhD Interdisciplinary Programme in Structural, Computational and Chemical Biology
Real-time chemical imaging of promoted Fischer-Tropsch catalysts (application deadline: 01/04/2017)
3-year PhD studentship in Experimental Physical / Materials Chemistry, UCL Department of Chemistry (application deadline: 01/03/2017)
A 3.5-year PhD studentship in visible light driven cobalt containing zeolite photocatalyst for water splitting (application deadline: 15 June 2017)
A 3.5-year PhD studentship in graphene quantum dots and all-carbon catalysts for bifunctional ORR and OER (application deadline: 15 June 2017)
A 3.5-year PhD studentship in porous and layered catalytic materials for bio-mass conversion (application deadline: 15 June 2017)
A 3.5-year PhD studentship in mechanism of catalysis inside nanoreactors (application deadline: 15 June 2017)
A 3-year PhD studentship in synthesis and surface characterisations of novel 2D layered materials (application deadline: 30 June 2017)
PhD Project on Precision Nanomedicine for the Treatment of Paediatric Gliomas (application deadline: 03/03/2017)
Multiscale imaging for the investigation of catalysts and zeolites (application deadline: 30/04/2017)
Porous complexes for the unambiguous structural determination of non-crystalline compounds - use in protein function determination (application deadline: 24/04/2017)