Masters Programmes

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A Masters level postgraduate degree offers the chance to extend your undergraduate education and to learn more about current research methods and subjects of modern chemistry. UCL Chemistry currently offers four Masters programmes: 

UCL 11
  • MSc in Chemical Research

    This programme introduces the methods and techniques of scientific research in a particular area of Chemistry via undertaking an intensive novel research project. Students also broaden their knowledge of chemistry through a selection of taught courses and are able to tailor the programme to meet their personal research interests.

  • MRes in Drug Discovery

    The Organic Chemistry: Drug Discovery MRes at UCL offers students the opportunity to follow an integrated course of research and interdisciplinary study. Students gain an outstanding training in synthetic organic chemistry applied to drug design, together with a breadth of experience in several areas of synthetic methodology.

  • MSc in Materials for Energy and Environment

    Global challenges require new technologies for renewable energy sources, methods of energy storage, efficient energy use, new lightweight vehicular structures, techniques for carbon capture and storage and for climate engineering. This is a broadening MSc, designed for graduates who wish to acquire skills in Energy and Materials Science in order to participate in the emerging scientific and technical revolution to meet climate change targets.

  • MSc in Molecular Modelling

    There is a growing need by industry for staff trained in computational molecular sciences. This new multi-disciplinary MSc will teach simulation tools used in a wide range of applications, including catalysis and energy materials, nanotechnology and drug design, and will provide skills transferable to other fields, thereby broadening employment prospects.

  • MRes in Molecular Modelling and Materials Science

    The Molecular Modelling and Materials Science MRes programme provides training in the key area of the application of state-of-the-art computer modelling and experimental characterisation techniques to determine the structure, properties and functionalities of materials and complex molecules.