Dr Robert G. Palgrave

Chair of P&R Committee

  Robert Palgrave is Reader in Inorganic and Materials Chemistry. He completed his PhD at UCL in 2007, before postdoctoral work at the University of Oxford and the University of Liverpool
Summary of research group

We carry out research in synthetic solid state chemistry and photoemission spectroscopy.

Current areas of research include: new hybrid photovoltaic absorber materials, cation ordering in complex oxides, thermochromic and photocatalytic materials, and graphitic carbon nitrides.

We also apply photoemission spectroscopy to a wide range of problems in materials science and technology, ranging from space science to medical devices.

For further details see www.robertpalgrave.co.uk

Research highlights
  Recent research highlights include a revision of the ionic radius model applied to halide perovskites, deposition of carbon nitride films at room temperature on any substrate, and development of a new method for surface phase analysis.
Research Facilities
  • Co-Director of EPSRC National XPS Service
  • Manager of the UCL Chemistry XPS facility
  • Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Member of the Materials Design Network
Research interests

· Solid state oxide chemistry

· Photoemission spectroscopy

· Surface analysis

· Hybrid solar cell materials

· Epitaxial films

· Photocatalytic Materials

  • CHEM3401 New Directions in Materials Chemistry
  • CHEM1101 Laboratory Course Organiser
  • CHEM2001 Materials Chemistry (Course Organiser)