Ice structures, patterns, and processes: A view across the icefields

28 August 2012

Stephen D Price and colleagues have published a review article regarding the importance of ice research across a range of disciplines.


Ice is all around us. Ice or snow covers a small but significant part of the Earth’s surface, both land and sea, and it plays a similarly important role in our atmosphere. Moreover ice is present on many other celestial bodies in our Solar System and it coats grains of dust in interstellar space. This review grew out of a workshop in Spain, which brought together a group of researchers who are involved in a broad range of ice-related research.  At this workshop the researchers found that many of the questions that were being asked about ice, and the answers they were seeking, were strongly linked.  The review focuses on the common features linking the various fields of ice research from fundamental ice structures to ice in the terrestrial cryosphere and the interstellar medium.  The review places particular focus on the open questions in ice research that are broad interest across these various fields.

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Rev. Mod. Phys. 84, 885–944 (2012).