The Use of Combinatorial Aerosol-Assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition for the Formation of Gallium-Indium-Oxide Thin Films

23 September 2011

C.J.Carmalt, J.Mater.Chem, 2011,21,12644-12649 DOI:10.1039/c1jm11606a

This paper describes the use of combinatorial aerosol-assisted chemical vapour deposition (cAACVD) to deposit gallium-doped indium oxide thin films. The oxide films, GaxIn2-xO3, were deposited within composition graduated films from the aerosol-assisted CVD of GaMe3, InMe3 and HOCH2CH2OMe. Amorphous Ga2O3 was deposited closest to the inlet from the bubbler containing GaMe3/HOCH2CH2OMe whereas crystalline In2O3 was grown on the substrate closest to the inlet from the bubbler containing InMe3/HOCH2CH2OMe. A range of gallium-indium-oxide compositions, GaxIn2-xO3, were deposited on the substrate in the region between the two inlets. This allowed for a systematic investigation on the effect of doping on gallium and indium oxide and a direct relationship between composition and conductivity of the films was observed. This new technique combines the advantages of AACVD (volatility/thermal stability restrictions are removed) with those of cAPCVD/cLPCVD (rapid deposition/analysis of a compositional gradient). By utilizing a liquid-gas aerosol, as is employed in combinatorial AACVD, the restrictions of volatility and thermal stability are lifted and so new precursors and materials can be investigated.

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