Dr Andrew Wills awarded Provosts Teaching Award

26 November 2013

UCL is committed to providing outstanding, research-led teaching. The Provost’s Teaching Awards were set up to celebrate the best of pedagogic prowess at UCL and to reward staff who are making outstanding contributions to the learning experience and success of our students.

This year Dr Andrew Wills was the recipient of one these awards, continuing the recognition of members of the Department of Chemistry for their teaching excellence with six awards having been made to staff in the Department since the inaugral prize in 2007.

Dr Andrew Wills, UCL Department of Chemistry


Andrew started teaching at UCL Chemistry in 2001. He is particularly interested in how information flows during teaching and is a great champion of using technology to provide new ways to shape the different dynamics involved in education. In 2012 he became Director of Studies in Chemistry and uses this opportunity to help drive the adoption of innovations that improve the quality of our student learning experiences. He believes that better teaching does not necessarily equate to more work, and has developed a side line in creating new software that enables staff to more effectively teach and save time during their day-to-day work. Many of these grow from a childhood belief that his BBC computer should do the tiresome things that he didn’t want to do, such as maths homework.