Honorary Doctorate, Professor Sauer

26 November 2013

Honorary Doctorate Award, Professor Sauer

Prof Sauer was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from UCL in September 2013. Prof Sauer has a long history of collaboration with UCL Chemistry, including work with computational chemists in the department. He is also one of the international team that has acted as an external assessor for the department in 2009.

Prof Sauer studied chemistry from 1967 to 1972 at the Humboldt University of Berlin and was awarded a doctorate in chemistry in 1974. He continued to do research there until 1977 when he joined the Academy of Sciences, Central Institute of Physical Chemistry in Berlin; one of the leading scientific institutes of the former GDR (East Germany).

For a brief time during and after the German reunification (1990-1991) he was the Deputy Technical Director (Catalysis and Sorption) for BIOSYM Technologies, San Diego/USA (now Accelrys). He remained an advisor for BIOSYM until 2002.

In 1992 he joined the Max Planck Society as Head of the Quantum Chemistry Group in Berlin. Since

1993 he has been a full professor of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry at the Humboldt University of Berlin. He is an active research scientist in quantum chemistry and computational chemistry.

His computational studies have allowed for a better understanding of structures and activities of some catalysts, such as zeolites, and thus especially when applied to their acid sites,[ as well as to the interpretation of solid state NMR spectra of nucleus Si-29, and quadripolar nuclei such as Na-23, Al-27 and O-17.

Professor Sauer married Angela Merkel in 1998, herself a Dr in Physics who once worked in quantum chemistry.

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From the left; Prof Parkin (HOD), Prof Catlow (Dean), Prof Sauer (Honorary Doctorate), Prof Price (VP Research) and Prof de Leeuw (Deputy HOD)