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Postgraduate Open Day Organic Chemistry and Chemical Biology

3D model shows survival strategies of bacteria

Bacteria are particularly ingenious when it comes to survival strategies. They often create a biofilm to protect themselves from a hostile environment, for example during treatment with antibiotics, and scientists have unravelled the secrets of how they do this with a new 3D model.

Award For Chemistry in Green Impact Award

The Chemistry department's Green Impact team "All the good names Argon" has won the Platinum award at this year's Green Impact Awards on Tuesday (10th June 2014). This is thanks to the hard work of the all members of the Green Impact Team! We want to encourage more people in the department to become more sustainable, especially starting this September when the friendly competition heats up again – email us at

RSC 2014 Barrer Award - Dr Luis Gomez-Hortiguela

Dr Luis Gomez-Hortiguela has received the Barrer Award for his outstanding predictive computational studies of templating and reactivity of microporous materials. More...

Professor Stephen Price awarded SASP Erwin Schrödinger Medal

Professor Stephen Price awarded SASP Erwin Schrödinger Medal

Professor Stephen Price received last week in the University Centre Obergurgl in Tyrol the SASP Erwin Schrödinger Medal. This award for outstanding research activities was passed as part of the "XIXth Symposium on Atomic, Cluster and Surface Physics (SASP)" by Prof. Roland Wester. More...


Safer and more sustainable materials for manufacuring


This graphic depicts how one gets from the patient's particular viral sequence for the HIV protease to a ranked list of treatments, after going through multiple simulations to find the drug molecule most likely to bind to the protease and block its activity

Research by Prof Coveney highlighted on the BBC

Research by Professor Peter Coveney on how the use of computational biomedicine could be used to deliver personalised medicine, reported at the 2014 American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) meeting in the Virtual Humans: Helping Faciliate Breakthroughs in Medicine sub-symposium (an audio file of the symposium is available for purchase on the AAAS website) and featured in the Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, has been highlighted on the BBC Science and Environment News website.

RSC PCCP Hot Article: Atomistic Simulation of Bioglass

RSC PCCP Hot Article: Perspective on Bioglass Simulations

Dr Antonio Tilocca has recently had a paper highlighted as a hot article by the RSC. More...

Sizewell A

Researchers Grapple with Nuclear Legacy

January 2014 More...

Electrical Control of Single Atom Magnets

The energy needed to change the magnetic orientation of a single atom – which determines its magnetic stability and therefore its usefulness in a variety of future device applications – can be modified by varying the atom’s electrical coupling to nearby metals. More...