The Ingold Labs

The present laboratory in Gordon Street was intended as the first phase of a more extensive rebuilding, but the academic and financial climate changed. Part of the Department moved across in 1969, and for some years we operated on two sites as shown on the diagram below which shows the location of the 'New Chemistry' relative to the older building.

A picture of the Ingold Labs in 200?
The new building was opened by Sir Christopher Ingold himself.  After some internal conversions and the addition of the new top floor, the Department was consolidated into he present building in the late 1970's. It is sometimes hard to believe that this building came second in the London Borough of Camden's "Best Building of 1970" list. One has to wonder about the other contenders......
Christopher Ingold opening the new chemistry building
Present Day Chemistry labs at UCL
Present Day Chemistry labs at UCL

 And the internal conversions have continued steadily over the years.....