The Finale

Modern text books always finish each chapter with a list of things you should have learned. My list is shown below:

1828 Edward Turner
1836 Thomas Graham
1855 Alexander Williamson
1887 Sir William Ramsay
1913 Norman Collie
1928 Frederick Donnan
1937 Sir Christopher Ingold
1961 Edward Hughes
1963 Sir Ronald Nyholm
1971 Alwyn Davies
1974 Max McGlashan
1989 Robin Clark
1999 David Williams

There is one interesting point about the list that may strike you. The first four on the list are all Scotsmen, but we saw a good reason for that. The last three however are all New Zealanders, which is less easy to understand. The only reason that I can offer is a remark, perhaps not completely serious, given by the Provost (Sir Derek Roberts) at the meeting at which David Williams was appointed. When all the business was settled, the Dean of Science asked, facetiously, whether there was any limit to the number of New Zealanders the College could appoint to the Chemistry Department. 'No', said the Provost, 'if we keep on looking we might find a good one'. Provosts usually do not have time for such pleasantries.

That list reads rather like a list of the kings of England; it is a convenient way in which to document history, but does not do justice to the many other people of the Department that we have not had time to recall. You will find many of them on our Periodic Table of the Lecturers . We would be delighted and grateful for any reminiscences and stories you might like to add to either this history or to the PTL. Send comments by email to The WebMaster