Research Groups

Research is organised into three interacting groups: Multiphase Systems, Product & Process Systems Engineering and Catalysis & Chemical Reaction Engineering. The department also hosts the Centre for CO2 Technology which draws its expertise from the three core groups and from other UCL centres. Each group supports a range of projects undertaken by researchers at postgraduate and post-doctoral level. The research feeds into the undergraduate and taught postgraduate programmes ensuring that our courses involve leading edge fields and that students leave with a taste of leading edge research. Our work is funded by a number of agencies including the UK's Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and Department of Trade and Industry, the European Commission, overseas governments, and industry in the UK, Europe, the USA and other parts of the world.

Catalysis & Chemical Reaction Engineering


Chemical reactions lie in the heart of processes where molecules are transformed from raw materials to useful products. For the efficient and economic utilisation of such chemical transformations the domain where they are performed (the reactor) needs to be carefully designed accounting for kinetics, hydrodynamics, mass and heat transfer.

Multiphase                   Systems

Photo of flow patterns of aqueous-organic two-phase flow in a microchannel

Research in the Multiphase Systems Group focuses on the physical and physico-chemical understanding and chemical engineering of many complex two- and three-phase systems spanning across different length-scale (micro to macro) and flow regimes.

Product & Process Systems Engineering

Green world

The overall aim of the Product & Process Systems Engineering (PPSE) group is to develop and extend our core competencies in methodological developments in systems engineering and to demonstrate these by application to challenging problem domains.

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