Year in Industry Scheme

Photo of female engineer in the lab

Every year there are a number of students who come to the department following their A-level, or other qualifying studies, having taken a gap year. The department also participates in the Year in Industry scheme which places good students in industrial jobs relevant to chemical engineering before they enter UCL.

Typically students have used this period to work and save money, perhaps to gain relevant work experience or to travel. Usually those who have made a positive decision to break their studies for a year in this way are highly motivated on their arrival at university and they return to the pattern of study and learning without difficulty.

The potential disadvantage of finding their calculus a bit rusty is usually outweighed by the very real advantages of being a year older and more mature in the manner in which they approach their academic responsibilities and balance them with leisure and social activities.

Applicants keen to take a year's break are encouraged to do so. When we make a conditional or unconditional offer to candidates, this offer is held open for the following year as well, provided they are not repeating any examinations. Thus applicants can always delay entry by a year in complete confidence that our offer of a place remains open.

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