Programme Structure*

On the MSc in Chemical Process Engineering, each student will normally take seven modules chosen from the list below, with not more than three being chosen from modules 5 to 12 and one from modules 13 to 15. Modules 1-4 are compulsory with module 1 consisting of either a research project or, for suitably qualified candidates, an advanced design project.

  1. Research Project or Advanced Design Project
  2. Fluid Particle Systems
  3. Advanced Safety and Loss Prevention
  4. Energy Systems and Sustainability
  5. Process Dynamics & Control
  6. Chemical Reaction Engineering
  7. Advanced Process Engineering
  8. Transport Processes (III)
  9. Advanced Process Modelling
  10. Advanced Bioreactor Engineering
  11. Environmental Systems
  12. Water and Wastewater Treatment
  13. Law for Managers
  14. Project Management
  15. Mastering Entrepreneurship

The overall weighting of the programme is 50% taught modules, 50% project, i.e. 90:90 credits.


*The information contained herein is correct at the time of publication (errors and omissions excepted) but no guarantee can be given that it will not be amended before the commencement of or during the session to which it refers.

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