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MSc in Global Management of Natural Resources


MSc in Global Management of Natural Resources

A new, novel multidisciplinary and transcontinental programme, the MSc in Global Management of Natural Resources aims to nurture the resource leaders of the future; how to think and respond to the challenges of supplying the world with the mineral resources it demands as populations grow and the environment changes. 

There is an ever-increasing demand for the mineral wealth of the planet we live on, and it is becoming more challenging to extract the materials we need. More than ever it is critical to develop an integrated understanding of how the resource sector functions; for scientists, engineers, economists and policy makers it is no longer enough to understand your field alone. 

From minerals, metals to nuclear, hydrocarbons, nuclear and water, the decisions you make will affect businesses, industries and perhaps entire countries. How do we decide where to invest; how do we deal with the consequences of our actions? If you are interested in becoming the next natural resource manager of the future, this programme is for you. 

The programme is offered by UCL and the University of South Australia (UniSA). It is delivered by UCL Chemical Engineering, UCL Earth Sciences, UCL School of Management, and the Future Industries Institute (FII) at UniSA, with significant design input from industry.

This comprehensive, multidisciplinary programme will help you become the next big thinker.

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The programme is transcontinental, with lectures in London and Adelaide.

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