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Photo of Mithila Manage Postgraduate Researcher

Phone: +44 (0)20 7679 2643
Email: mithila.manage.09@ucl.ac.uk
Department of Chemical Engineering
University College London
Torrington Place
London WC1E 7JE
United Kingdom

Mithila gained her M.Eng. in Chemical Engineering from University College London in 2009. Her final year research project examined the accelerated carbonation of APC residues as a potential route for CO2 capture.

Research project

Title: An investigation into the integration of high temperature steam electrolysers with power station and chemical process streams

Supervisors: Professor Stefaan Simons, Dr Dan Brett and Dr Eva Sorensen

Low temperature electrolysers are widely used for the production of hydrogen; however, they are considered inefficient and costly. Raising the temperature of operation is favourable to both the thermodynamics and kinetics of this reaction. Therefore, high temperature steam electrolysers may offer the most economical route to the formation of hydrogen, depending on the source of the heat to sustain the temperature and the electrons to drive the reaction.

In this project we are looking at the feasibility of combining high temperature steam electrolysers with chemical plants, in order to produce hydrogen. In addition, we are exploring the effect of specific process stream compositions on the operation of steam electrolysers and analysing the economics of the process. Furthermore, co-electrolysis of CO2 and steam is also being assessed.

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