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Improved hydrodeoxygenation catalysis by doping MoS₂ monolayers with isolated cobalt atoms

Recent experiments have demonstrated the superior activity of Co-decorated MoS₂ materials towards the removal of oxygen from organic molecules, a reaction of interest in converting biomass to fuels. Theoretical work, performed at Dr Stamatakis’s group, sheds light into the effect of Co-doping. Density functional theory calculations comparing pristine versus Co-decorated MoS₂ monolayers showed that the Co atom facilitates the formation of sulfur vacancies, which have previously been demonstrated to be the active sites of this chemistry. In addition, it was found that Co doping results in a stronger binding of the reactants without compromising the catalyst stability.

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Electrochemical Engineering and Power Systems mini-conference

On Thursday 16th March, the culmination of this year’s Electrochemical Engineering and Power Systems course saw more than 70 students gather for a conference where they presented the finding of their group research projects.

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CNIE / SAXSLAB Workshops: 26-27 April 

The CNIE research facility is pleased to announce our free workshops on Small Angle x-ray scattering and diffraction, co-organised with SAXSLAB.

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Frank Morton sports day

Another Frank Morton sports day has passed and expectations were once again exceeded by the hosts, Loughborough University. 

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Ramsay Society Dinner and prize winners 2017

On Friday 24 February 2017, the Ramsay Society Dinner was enjoyed by over 150 attendees, including Alumni, current students, staff and special guests.

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In The Media: Eva Sorensen in The Chemical Engineer

Professor Eva Sorensen, of UCL Chemical Engineering has published an article talking about UCL Engineering’s innovate approach to undergraduate teaching, the Integrated Engineering Programme. The article is the lead article in the most recent issue of The Chemical Engineer and will be available online soon.

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Summer Challenge 2016: Engineering Solutions from Nature

On July 26th, 10 talented prospective engineers completed a Summer Challenge. They learned about the UCL departments of Chemical Engineering and Biochemical Engineering, and about the Institute of Making. They learned about fuel cells, fluorescent algae and catalysts, among other things, and they also saw how chemical engineers contribute to producing pharmaceuticals. Inspired by nature, the 10 students then successfully completed an individual project and presented enthusiastically their refreshing ideas. We wish these young scientists the best of luck for their future career, and we hope to see them in our classrooms in 2017.

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Congratulations to Professor Paola Lettieri for being appointed Academic Director for UCL East!

Professor Lettieri, currently Professor of Chemical Engineering and Vice-Dean (Strategic Projects) in UCL Engineering Sciences, has been appointed Academic Director for UCL East. A UCL PhD, with five years industrial experience at BP, Professor Lettieri joined UCL in 2001 as a Research Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, the first female engineer to be awarded the Academy’s RAEng Fellowship. As a Professor of Chemical Engineering, she won a prestigious Senior Research Fellowship from the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Leverhulme Trust for her work on nuclear waste management. She has played a key role in the development of the UCL East project since 2014, leading the development of the engineering activities at the QEOP, working with the Faculties across UCL, and engaging with the V&A and the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC).

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