Chemical Engineering



Summer School Challenge - Special thanks to Dr.Thoralf Hartwig of GSK.

The Department of Chemical Engineering would like to thank Dr Thoralf Hartwig, of GSK, for discussing with the students enrolled in our Summer Challenge program how chemical engineering fundamentals are applied in the large scale production of pharmaceuticals.

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UCL Summer School Challenge

On June 21st, in collaboration with the UCL Widening Participation Office, we began the 'Summer School Challenge': 20 students from the Wider London area are exploring what UCL has to offer in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering while completing an individual research project within the topic of 'Nature-Inspired Engineering'. 

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UCL Industry Energy Storage Networking Event - June 27, 2017

The aim of this half day meeting is to showcase the latest development and capabilities of UCL researchers and UK companies in Energy storage to enable future team building in response to wholesale changes in the energy storage research and commerce that are happening in the UK.

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