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Obituary for Professor John Lynch

Aged 91, Professor John Lynch has died in north London. Born in 1927 in Boldon Collieries in County Durham, one of three small villages which kept a coal-mining  tradition till 1982, he identified strongly with north-east England. After three years of military service Professor Lynch took the four-year undergraduate MA (sic!) at the University of Edinburgh, before moving to UCL to  read for a PhD in Latin American history supervised by Professor RA (Robin) Humphreys. In the post-war period the UCL History Department was the national pioneer of modern Latin American history, just as it was of ancient history of the Near East. In 1954 Professor Lynch was appointed a lecturer in history at the University of Liverpool. He had both to teach broadly on modern, including Irish, history, and to complete his thesis on late Spanish colonial history, much of it researched in the imperial archives at Seville, a city for which he retained a deep affection. 

Published: May 16, 2018 10:36:18 AM