UCell – Powering Green Man festival with hydrogen

22 August 2014

UCell are a team of PhD students, lecturers and industrial partners working on electricity production from hydrogen. Our aim is to demonstrate the real potential of alternative energies by providing fuel cell generated electricity to events, along with public engagement and demonstrations to inform and educate about fuel cells and energy technologies in general.

We recently offered renewable mobile phone charging at Glastonbury and this weekend we will be returning to Green Man festival where we have powered the onmi tent in Einstein’s Garden for the past three years.

This year we will be showcasing a new, more powerful, system and offering demonstrations on solar power, electrolysers and fuel cells in order to inform the public about the possibilities of renewable electricity generation.

To keep up with all the goings on at Green Man, follow UCell on twitter @UCellFC  or like our page on facebook . More information about our other projects, along with photos and videos, can be found on our website.  

UCell – Powering Green Man festival with hydrogen

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