Electrochemical Innovation Lab website goes live

29 January 2014

The Electrochemical Innovation Lab (EIL) is a cross-faculty mechanism for accelerating impact, innovation, enterprise and research in electrochemical science and engineering. The scope of research in the EIL encompasses electrochemical science and engineering in the areas of:

- Fundamental mechanistic understanding of fundamental processes

- Discovery and advanced manufacturing techniques of materials for electrochemical applications

- Device design and development

- Systems development and demonstration

- Modelling and optimisation

The conventional approach to development of science into product is sequential in nature and defines the different disciplines required at each stage of development. The concept of Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) embody this in peoples thinking.

The conventional sequential approach can fall into the trap of being focused on delivery of individual TRL milestones and not considering the next stage and the stages beyond.

The EIL’s approach is to change the thinking horizon. Scientific, engineering and commercial thinking is embodied in the research phase. In this way the EIL identifies commercial opportunities early, considers the engineering and commercial implications of the science and builds new research programmes to accelerate the science into commercial products.

Find out more at our new website:

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