Chemical Engineering Cocktail Party 2013

14 October 2013

Chemical Engineering Cocktail Party 2013

This year’s chemical engineering cocktail party held for the second time by UCL’s Chemical Engineering Ramsay Society turned out to be quite literally an ice-breaking event. With a turnout of almost 350 people the night was the biggest one held so far by Ramsay Society and a huge success! With the majority of attendees from the chemical engineering department itself, this year’s cocktail party extended also to including the Biochemical Crooks Society, the Green Economy Society and even some people from different universities.

Sponsored by Exxon Mobil, the event kicked forward in UCL’s Lower Refectory with dance music and a full bartending team. With plenty of freshers and chemengers from older year groups, most of the first years were able to meet new people and ask older students of their experiences so far in UCL. The event turned out to be an excellent night to break the ice and one that a lot of the first year students will certainly remember.

A huge thank you to Exxon Mobil and our department for supporting and helping us with the event, it would have not been able to take place without them!

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