Dr Stamatakis recognized as a Top Reviewer of CACE

13 October 2013

Dr Michail Stamatakis was recently named as a Top Reviewer for Computers & Chemical Engineering (CACE) in 2012-2013. CACE, published by Elsevier on a monthly basis, is a major Chemical Engineering journal covering, among others, the areas of Modelling, Numerical Analysis, Simulation and Process Systems Engineering. Dr Stamatakis has been an author and reviewer for the journal since 2011; his most recent paper on CACE presents hybrid models of cell population heterogeneity and appeared earlier this year. The journal Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Rafiqul Gani, and Publisher, Dr Angela Welch, appreciated Dr Stamatakis’s role as a reviewer with the following citation: “in recognition of an outstanding contribution to the quality of the journal”.

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