"Facet engineered Ag3PO4 for efficient water photooxidation” by J. Tang Group published in Energy & Environmental Science

17 September 2013

Facet engineered Ag3PO4 for efficient water photooxidation

David Martin, Naoto Umezawa, Xiaowei Chen, Jinhua Ye and Junwang Tang

Water photolysis for H2 fuel synthesis has the potential to solve both increasing demand of renewable energy and climate change caused by CO2 emissions.

In this work, Ag3PO4 crystals with {111} exposing facets has been successfully synthesised by a new facile method.  The tetrahedral Ag3PO4 crystals outperforms both {100} and {110} crystals by over an order of magnitude for O2 production from water, resulting into the best photocatalyst for water oxidation. The quantum yield reaches ca. 100% at 400 nm and >80% from UV throughout visible to 500nm, the highest recorded so far for water photooxidation. The excellent and reproducible performance is attributed to a synergistic effect between high surface energy and a small hole mass, leading to  high charge carrier mobility and active surface reaction sites, which was proved by DFT calculations performed by the scientists in the National Institute of Materials Science, Japan.

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