Taking some time out to explore the Gallery

By Jay Stone, on 13 June 2010

In February this year I was lucky enough to showcase some design work I had done with my friend Berit Greinke at the Dana Centre in Kensington. Berit and I had been paired up as part of the MRC NOBELini scheme and had endevoured to create an art piece which attempted to turn negative science data into a positive design outcome.
Since taking part in this scheme I have become increasingly interested in how well art and science can collaborate to produce work that is completely novel, mind blowingly entertaining and almost always great to look at.

This year I noticed there was a ‘Gallery’ tent at the CSF and today I finally managed to find some time to pop in and have a look around… I was not disappointed!

Inside the plain white tent was a selection of projects from the IMPACT! exhibiton fusing designers from the Royal College of Art (RCA) and scientists sponsored by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) with support from NESTA. The visual pieces on display aimed to inform the public on matters ranging from fair trading, alternate universes, self reliant machines and synthetic immunology.

After having a look around the exhibits I have to say I became somewhat fixed on ‘The 5th dimensional camera‘, an idea born from the minds of Anab Jain, Jon Ardern, Prof John Rarity, Prof Andrew Briggs and Dr Simon Bejamin. Proposing the idea of alternate universes and endless possiblities for parallel words resulting from each and every choice we make in our lives Anab Jain et al had created a stream of photographs depicting how so many things are possible even in our supposedly ‘boring’ lives. They also posed questions such as ‘could you be jelous of an alternate you?’ Something to make you think!

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