Food Glorious Food

By Ann Fenech, on 10 June 2010

Heston Blumenthal in Conversation

Would you eat any part of a human? “Maybe placenta” answered Harold McGee.

This was one of the questions asked during the event ‘Heston Blumenthal in Conversation with Harold McGee‘. The event started with a short introduction about Harold McGee and Heston Blumenthal after which the floor was open for questions.

From that first question you can gather how widely the question focus varied. Blumenthal and McGee tried their best not to be floored by the questions. Definitely a superb example of accessible science in an interactive and engaging way.

What else did I learn?

  • Salt is placed in water when boiling vegetables to maintain an osmotic balance and limit the inside ’stuff’ from leaking into the outside
  • When Heston was young they used to buy olive oil from the pharmacy: because it’s only use was to unblock your ears.
  • Most of the tomato flavour is in the jelly around the seeds (now that explains why I find tomatoes flavourless!)
  • Gadget Heston cannot live without? A freeze dryer…with a purple flashing light.
  • Tip for a very useless cook to make them slightly less useless?
    McGee: temperature
    Blumenthal? TAKEAWAY!

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