Centre for Human Communication

R.I.P UCL Centre for Human Communication



The UCL Centre for Human Communication was a virtual centre that brought together research across UCL focused on human communication in all its forms, and particularly on language. We aimed to encourage and facilitate cross-disciplinary interaction among the full spectrum of UCL staff involved in such research across the life span, in order to better understand normal function, and improve remediation of various communication disorders. Our activities included workshops, lecture series, post-graduate programmes and building interdisciplinary research activity. Our major achievements included the development of a successful MRes in Speech, Language and Cognition (now superseded by an ESRC Doctoral Training Centre) and the SRIF-funded renovation and refurbishment of Chandler House which provides state of the art accommodation and facilities for staff and students who had previously been split among 3 separate sites. For more about the CHC, see here.

Although there is always more to be done along these lines, it was felt that the CHC had successfully reached most of its targets, and that its usefulness had now run its course. Thanks to all who contributed so unstintingly to its success.

Directors: Prof. Stuart Rosen & Prof. Peter Howell

Founding co-director: Prof. Emeritus Moira Yip

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