Centre for Transnational History



MA Transnational Studies:

The MA in Transnational Studies is taught by experts from across UCL and examines the
impact of transnational connections on our social, political, cultural
and economic life worlds.

With a focus on the movement of people, ideas and goods across national boundaries on a global scale, the programme is aimed at students with an academic background in humanities, social sciences, law or politics as well as professionals working in the
transnational sector (NGOs, international organisations, development etc).

Transnational History Postgraduate Courses Offered at UCL (illustrative list):

MA courses

Graduate Programmes:

MA Transnational Studies
MA in History
MA in European History
Doctoral Research in the History Department
MA in the History of Political Thought and Intellectual History
MA in Ancient History
PhD projects

UCL International Summer School for Undergraduates:

UCL Summer School for Undergraduates

The UCL Centre for Transnational History also offers a module as part of the UCL International Summer School for Undergraduates (4-22 July, 2016, or 25 July - 12 August, 2016).