Centre for CO2 Technology


David Martin and Toby Neville, Centre for CO2 Technology PhD students, spoke to Mike Rann, Premier of South Australia, about his ambitions for renewable energy. more...

Supporting Innovation

The Centre has recently formed the Electrochemical Innovation Lab (EIL) to promote the development of electrochemical technology at UCL. This is a new model for university based innovation and promises accelerated routes to commercialisation and exploitation. Find out more...


Student worker Alternative energy and CO2 technologies are receiving unprecedented attention due to the global environmental and economic importance of sustainable development in energy.  The Centre for CO2 Technology hosts a strong team of internationally leading academics working on a diverse range of energy technologies and offering excellent training opportunities for post-graduate students and state-of-the-art facilities for post-doctoral researchers.

We are always looking for bright and well-motivated students and researchers to join The Centre for CO2 Technology and Electrochemical Innovation Lab. General information about our research is available on this web site and you are encouraged to read our research papers to find out more. Well qualified students with their own scholarships are very welcome to apply. Projects can often be formulated such that applicant's skills and interests align with our activities and objectives.

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