David Martin and Toby Neville, Centre for CO2 Technology PhD students, spoke to Mike Rann, Premier of South Australia, about his ambitions for renewable energy. more...

Supporting Innovation

The Centre has recently formed the Electrochemical Innovation Lab (EIL) to promote the development of electrochemical technology at UCL. This is a new model for university based innovation and promises accelerated routes to commercialisation and exploitation. Find out more...


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Latest Engineering Sciences News

Dr Ellie Cosgrave to host new BBC podcast ‘Tomorrow’s World’

Dr Ellie Cosgrave from UCL’s Department of Science, Technology, Engineering & Public Policy (STEaPP) is co-presenting the BBC’s new ‘Tomorrow’s World’ podcast. More...

Published: Oct 9, 2017 9:57:59 AM

Major rethink needed on stem cells and regenerative medicine

UCL researchers are leading a call for a coordinated strategy to reform the management of scientific discoveries and clinical experimentation involving stem cells and regenerative medicine. More...

Published: Oct 5, 2017 9:29:21 AM

UCL helps shape UK's battery research strategy for electric car revolution

UCL has been selected to be a founding partner in the creation of a new institute that will help Britain develop battery technologies that will drive the electric vehicle (EV) revolution. More...

Published: Oct 4, 2017 11:01:26 AM

UCL academics presenting at New Scientist live

Numerous UCL academics will be presenting at New Scientist Live this week, the second annual edition of a festival of ideas taking place at ExCeL London. More...

Published: Sep 27, 2017 1:55:51 PM

Japan’s PM reaffirms close ties with UCL in meeting with Provost

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has thanked UCL for its role in helping to educate students from his country dating back 150 years to the Choshu Five in the 19th century. More...

Published: Sep 27, 2017 10:36:54 AM

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