David Martin and Toby Neville, Centre for CO2 Technology PhD students, spoke to Mike Rann, Premier of South Australia, about his ambitions for renewable energy. more...

Supporting Innovation

The Centre has recently formed the Electrochemical Innovation Lab (EIL) to promote the development of electrochemical technology at UCL. This is a new model for university based innovation and promises accelerated routes to commercialisation and exploitation. Find out more...

Centre for CO2 Technology


The Centre for CO2 Technology has been established in response to the Kyoto Protocol and the recognition that existing technologies will not be able to meet the emission targets agreed upon for carbon dioxide (as the main greenhouse gas). Thus, the Centre focuses on developing breakthrough technologies for the safe and large scale reduction (e.g. alternative, low carbon, energy sources), removal (e.g. gas separation from flue emissions), transportation (e.g pressurised pipelines)  and sequestration (e.g. long term storage in geological, terrestrial, and ocean systems) of carbon dioxide.

The Centre for CO2 Technology is the hub of Energy and CO2 technology development in the Department of Chemical Engineering and a focus point for Technological Energy R&D at UCL

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