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Frontiers in Traumatic Brain Injury 2017

Conference Details: Frontiers in Traumatic Brain Injury 2017
Date: 13-14th July, 2017
Venue: Sir Alexander Fleming Building, Imperial College London, South Kensington, London (UK)
•    A 2-day scientific program at the forefront of TBI research.
•    Wide range of topics
•    World-renowned international speakers
We welcome you to the inaugural Frontiers in TBI conference this July, which delivers a 2-day programme of talks and debates, poster sessions and plenty of opportunity to network. Many conferences in TBI focus on a particular area; this conference brings together many topics and scientific disciplines so that delegates can get an insight into all the hot topics in TBI. Given its broad scope, this conference will be of interest to any scientific or clinical discipline working within TBI.
There is a programme of invited talks from early stage researchers as well as a faculty of internationally renowned scientists.
David Sharp, David Brody and Steve Gentleman will be discussing neurodegeneration after TBI. We will have early stage researchers presenting the latest approaches to intervention. The use of big data in clinical research will be presented by CREACTIVE (Guido Bertoloni), CENTER-TBI (David Menon) and TRACK-TBI (Ramon Diaz-Arrastia). The specific issues of TBI in sports and military action will be discussed in talks by Simon Kemp, Mazdak Ghajari, Lee Goldstein, Tony Goldstone and Tony Belli. We will also be exploring the neuropsychiatric consequences of TBI with Simon Fleminger, and the medicolegal aspects of TBI assessment with Daniel Friedland. Alex Leff will be discussing e-therapy approaches to rehabilitation. Tom McMillan, Seena Fazel and Faraneh Vargha-Khadem will be presenting the wider societal impacts from TBI, including in paediatric and prison populations.
We will also be hosting two debates on the contentious issues of whether cycling helmet use should be compulsory and whether the term ‘concussion’ should be retired. During these debates, the audience will be invited to participate by live-tweeting their questions. This promises to be a dynamic conference, yet is also small enough to facilitate networking and encourage the formation of new collaborations.
Abstract submission for the poster competition and Early Bird registration is open until end of May (£130/£105 students/trainees).
For more information and how to register, please visit: http://www.frontiersintbi.org/

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