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Video-Game Localisation Professionals: Training the “Bridge” between Markets

Video games have been around for 70 years and, during this time, the video game industry has evolved and reached limits that not even the creators of the first game could have imagined, but also it has moved masses of fans and it has unleashed passions only compared to those risen with the most-followed sport in the world: football.  More...

Published: Apr 27, 2016 1:02:00 PM

Translation and minute-writing in an international scientific research organisation

Mr John Pym – CERN Translation and Minutes Service More...

Published: Mar 4, 2016 3:23:01 PM

Christina Schäffner, Professor Emeritus – Aston University, Birmingham

Most of the research into metaphors and translation within the discipline of Translation Studies has been text-based, and thus product-oriented. The text shows us the result of very complex cognitive processes, but if we have only the translation product available for analysis, we cannot retrace the actual pathways of the translator’s decision-making procedures. More...

Published: Feb 18, 2016 1:48:00 PM

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IV International Conference Translating Voices, Translating Regions, Conference Series

Publication date: Jul 15, 2014 01:24 PM

Start: Oct 03, 2014 12:00 AM

*** NEW Venue *** University College London, UK

Dates: 3 –4 October 2014

The newly formed Mediating Emergencies Group organizes the IV International conference Translating Voices, Translating Regions.


 2 October 2014:  Registration closes

10 September 2014: Submission of papers (notes or/and PowerPoint