Projects using the ONS LS

Current LS projects

Rebecca Allan, Paul Williamson and Hill Kulu: Mortality variations over the rural urban continuum: context, compositional or migratory (project no. 0301790)

Michael Amior and Alan Manning: The persistence of local joblessness (project no. 1000201)

Iain Atherton and William Ball: Cross-sectional analysis of health inequalities in the UK Nursing population: Do Scottish nurses report worse health and can this be explained by deprivation alone? (project no. 1005034)

Orian Brook: Social inequality in the creative economy (project no. 1008121)

Franz  Buscha and Patrick Sturgis: Inter-cohort trends in intergenerational mobility in England 1960-1990: income, status and class (InTIME) (project no. 0301484)

Franz Buscha and Patrick Sturgis: Inter-cohort trends in intergenerational mobility in England and Wales: income, status and class (InTIME) (project no. 04010047)

Chiara Cavaglia and Ben Etheridge: Job polarisation and families (project no. 1001626)

Tony Champiion and Ian Shuttleworth: Are we becoming more migratory? An analysis of internal migration rates, 1971-2011 (project no. 04010063)

Tony Champion, Mike Coombes and Ian Gordon: The escalator effect in urban labour markets (project no. 0301124)

Tak Wing Chan, Morag Henderson and Rachel Stuchbury: Sibship size, family structure and educational outcomes (project no. 0301702)

Clementine Cottineau: Mapping Socio-spatial inequalities in the UK cities (project no.1002052)

Rory Coulter, Michael Oxley and Jacqueline Scott: Family trajectories and young adults' homeownership transitions (project no. 0301731)

Sarah Curtis, Mylene Riva, Sinclair Sutherland, Ray Hudson, Paul Norman and Richard Cookson: Local economies and health experience over the life course: a longitudinal analysis over 30 yeas of geographical and individual data on labour market conditions and their relationship to health outcomes (project no. 0301155)

Fran Darlington-Pollock, Paul Norman and Dimitris Ballas: Geographic and social mobility: trajectories of selective sorting by health status and ethnic group over time (project no. 0301634)

Bianca De Stavola, Emily Grundy and Richard Silverwood: Social disadvantage and infant mortality (project no. 0301445)

Oliver Duke-Williams: Changes in mode of transport used for journey to work (project no. 1001802)

Oliver Duke-Williams, Adam Dennett and Nicola Shelton: Continuity of non-traditional religious affiliation (project no. 1007286)

Oliver Duke-Williams and Rachel Stuchbury: Exploring the relationships between time since immigration and language spoken (project no. 04010096)

Oliver Duke-Williams, Nicola Shelton, Ian Shuttleworth and Paul NormanLongitudinal characteristics of LS members with internet v paper form completion in 2011 (project no. 0301744)

Paul Elliott, David Briggs, Mireille Toledano, Gavin Shaddick, John Swanson, Kees de Hoogh, Catherine Keshishian and Nina Iszatt: Adult cancers near overhead power lines (project no. 0301047)

Maria Evandrou, James Robards, Athina Vlachantoni, Jane Falkingham, Julie Jeffries and Angele Storey: Characteristics of, and living arrangements amongst, informal carers at the 2011 and 2001 Censuses: stability, change and transition (project no. 04010074)

Zhiqiang Feng, Maarten van Ham and Gillian M Raab: Neighbourhood and social integration of mixed ethnic unions (project no. 0301789)

Jose-Luis Fernandez, Valentina Zigante, Julien Forder and Crispin Jenkinson: Estimating the effects of informal care on carers' health, wellbeing and mortality (project no. 0301554)

Sebastian Franke, Hill Kulu and David Lucy: Partnership status, health and mortality: between health selection and living arrangements (project no. 0301675)

Karen Glaser and Rachel Stuchbury: An international study of the role of grandparents in family life (project no. 0301400)

Ian Gordon, Alan Holmans and Christine Whitehead: Effect of international migration on London's housing (project no. 0300694)

Rachel Griffith, Peter Levell, Agnes Norris-Keiler and Matthias Parey: The labour market impacts of trade shocks (project no. 1007544)

Emily Grundy and Harriet Young: Care providers, care receivers: a longitudinal perspective (project no. 0301107)

Emily Grundy, Christopher Marshall and Andy Sloggett: To compare and contrast the recorded causes of death with the underlying cause of death for all non-neonatal LS members (project no. 0300770)

Anna Hansell, Paul Elliiott, David Strachan, Ravi Maheswaran, Marta Blangiardo, Rebecca Ghosh and Chloe Morris: Chronic health effects of air pollution on respiratory and cardiovascular mortality in the UK (project no. 0301018)

Seeromanie Harding, Michael Rosato, Ursula Read, Oaribile Molaodi and Alistair Leyland: Employment, family and caring responsibilities and caring for women in the last decade: multiple jeopardy position for some ethnic groups? (project no. 0401005)

Morag Henderson and Tak Wing Chan: Parental family size intentions and educational outcomes (project no. 0301382)

Mathieu Ichou, Anthony Heath and Jan O. Jonsson: The Structural Assimilation of Immigrants in England and Wales: a Longitudinal Approach (project no. 0301766)

Dharmi Kapardia and James Nazroo: Changing patterns of ethnic inequalities in older people’s morbidity & life expectancy (project no. 1006480)

Saffron Karlsen, James Nazroo and Neil Smith: Being a Muslim in Europe: attitudes and experiences (project no. 0301039)

Vittal Katikireddi, Alistair Leyland, David Stuckler, Martin McKee and Kevin Ralston: Mortality rates by occupation within the UK (project no. 0301753)

Eric Kaufmann: A dying creed?: the demographic contradictions of liberal capitalism (poject no. 0300976)

Eric Kaufmann: Ethnicity and Integration in England and Wales (project no. 0301691)

Eric Kaufmann: A social analysis of ethnic segregation (project no. 0301317)

Laura Kelly, Michel Guillot, Samuel Preston and Hans-Peter Kohler: Differential factors driving geographic variation in mortality in Scotland vs. England and Wales: the contribution of residential mobility and relative deprivation (project no. 0201487)

Christel Kesler and Stephen Jivraj: Ethnic identification among immigrants and their descendants across three generations (project no. 0201465)

Rebecca Landy, David Blane, Bola Akinwale, Katey Matthews and Morten Wahrendorf: Working longer: paid employment beyond 65 years (project no. 0301715)

Anthony Laverty, Christopher Millett, Elizabeth Webb, Utz Pape, Jenny Mindell, Ellen Flint and Steve Cummins: Associations between mode of travel to work and mortality using the ONS Longitudinal Study (project no. 0301627)

Melanie Luhrmann and Tanya Wilson: The influence of early life health and nutritional environment on later life health and morbidity (project no. 1002047)

Polly McKinlay and Christiaan Monden: Extra-marital fertility and family structure in different second and third generation migrant groups (project no. 1006749)

Jenny Mindell, Christopher Marshall, Ian Hamilton, Tadj Oreczyn, Alison Moody, Steve Morris, Cesar de Oliveira, Shaun Scholes and Sadie Boniface: Health impacts of energy efficiency and temperature (HEAT) (project no. 1000217)

Tze Ming Mok, Lucinda Platt and Kitty Steward: How are ethnic identity choices influenced by socioeconomic and other factors for people of 'mixed ethnicity' in the UK? (project no. 1000892)

Giulia Montresor and Matthias Parey: Job polarization and labour supply changes in the UK (project no. 1000198)

Paul Norman and Paul Boyle: Influences of social mobility, geographical mobility and changes in socio-spatial contexts on health outcomes (project no. 0300332)

Lucinda Platt, Gemma Catney, Eric Kaufmann, Gareth Harris, Carolina Zuccotti and Fiona Steele: Ethnic migration and mobility in England and Wales to 2011 (project no. 04010030)

Cecilia Potente and Christiaan Monden: Causal effect of education on cancer risk and survival (project no. 1007948)

James Robards and Andrew Hinde: Estimating the fertility of migrants to England and Wales using the Office for National Statistics Longitudinal Study (project no. 0301060)

Philip Sapiro, Paul Williamson, Hill Kulu and Gemma Catney: Jewish identity and migration (project no. 0301777)

Paul Schweinzer and Miguel Portela: The reverse hygiene hypothesis: the Eefect of children on the probability of dying from infectious disease (project no. 0301301)

Nicola Shelton, Emily Murray, Jenny Head and Rachel Stuchbury: Assessing the contributions of the workplace and employment history, the local area, and individual health and social factors from childhood and adulthood to extended working life (project no. 04010082)

Nicola Shelton, Robert Hiatt and Efrosini Setakis: Assessing the contributions of the workplace and employment history, the local area, and individual health and social factors from childhood and adulthood to cancer incidence and mortality (project no. 1000187)

Nicola Shelton and Oliver Duke-Williams: What becomes of humanities graduates? (project no. 1007013)

Carl Singleton, James Best and Rachel Stuchbury: Identifying the Determinants of Economic Mobility: A Sibling Decomposition Approach (project no. 1004250)

Gursimran Thandi and Nicola Townsend Fear: Characteristics of and health and well-being of informal military carers between the 2001 and 2011 censuses (project no. 1005151)

Helena Tunstall, Jamie Pearce, Niamh Shortt, Richard Mitchell, Liz Richardson, Catherine Tisch and Claire Niedzwiedz: Neighbourhood change and health (project no. 1000282)

Heather Turner and David Firth: Modelling the effect of social mobility on health (project no. 0301299)

Richard Upward and Zouheir El-Sahli: The long-run labour market effects of technological change: what happened to labour when ports containerised? (project no. 0301522)

Ian Walker, Maria Navarro Paniagua and David Stott: Cold related deaths and the effect of nudging the elderly: evidence from the Longitudinal Studies (project no. 0301565)

Matthew Wallace, Hill Kulu, Paul Williamson and Gemma Catney: Mortality of immigrants and their descendants in Britain (project no. 0301579)

David Walsh, Chris Dibben, Zhiqiang Feng, Kevin Ralston and Fiona Cox: Assessing the potential impact of markers of social capital on levels of 'excess' mortality in Scotland and Glasgow compared to elsewhere in the UK (project no. 0301598)

Yujung Whang and Christopher Udry: Dynamics of preference and social geography (project no. 1001968)

Ben Wilson, Wendy Sigle-Rushton and Jouni Kuha: Migration and fertility (project no. 0301358)

Ben Wilson and Alice Goisis: Partnership over the life course (project no. 0301808)

Wei Xun, Nicola Shelton and Stephen Jivraj: The economic inertia in youth (NEETs):  What are the future health and other implications and what lessons can be learnt from the past (project no. 0301616)

Carolina Zuccotti, Jacqueline O'Reilly and Wei Xun: Employment, youth and ethnicity: exploring trends in labour market economics (project no. 1001525)

Past LS projects

Jerome Adda and Tarani Chandola: Income distribution and its effect on mortality in Britain: using the LS to the examine effects of individual level characteristics and degree of income inequality in region of residence on mortality differentials in England and Wales (project no. 30011)

Ramy Aly: Second generation Arabs in London (project no. 30102)

Dan Anderberg and Yu Zhu: The effect of education on fertility (project no. 30128)

Dan Anderberg, Yu Zhu, Tanya Wilson and Timo Henor: The role of education in determining marital choices (project no. 0301533)

Lisa Arai and Ray Hall: Adolescent pregnancy and fertility in England and Wales (project no. 30004)

Mel Bartley and Ian Plewis: Health and social mobility in working age men and women (project no. 40001)

Hazel Baslington and Miles Tight: 'Pre-pilot' project to investigate if there are intergenerational patterns in household car ownership (project no. 30082)

David Blake, Kevin Dowd and Andrew Cairns: Social class mortality forecasts (project no. 30074)

Vikki Boliver: The educational attainments of ethnic minorities in the UK and USA: the role of neighbourhood contexts (project no. 30075)

Paul Boyle, Peteke Feijten, Gillian Raab, Lin Hattersley and Gereltuya AltankhuyagMarital status, health and mortality: the role of living arrangement (project no. 30054)

Paul Boyle, Gereltuya Altankhuyag, Peteke Feijten, Zhiqiang Feng, Gillian Raab, Maarten van Ham and Lin Hattersley: Neighbourhoods and the creation, stability and success of mixed ethnic unions (project no. 30092)

Malcolm Brynin, Marco Fancesconi and Tim Liao: Trends in educational homogamy amongst couples, and its effects (project no. 30028)

Stuart Burley, Malcolm Williams, Malcolm Brown and Carole Sutton: An investigation into the socio-economic effects of migration in small spatial areas in Cornwall (project no. 30024)

Franz Buscha and Patrick Sturgis: The causal effect of schooling on social mobility: findings from a natural experiment (project no. 30139)

Tim Butler and Jack Airey: From one affordability crisis to another. ‘Generation Rent’, gentrification and displacement in east London (project no. 30166)

Margaret Byron and Keith Hoggart: Ethnicity, gender and occupational mobility in an escalator region (project no. 30019)

Tony Champion: Return migration within England and Wales (project no. 40002)

Tak Wing Chan and Elina Kilpi-Jakonen: The closing of the gender gap in UK higher education (project no. 30134)

Lynda Clarke and Julian Buxton: Cohabitation: transitions in relationship status and economic well-being (project no. 30107)

David Coleman and Martin Smith: Post-war migration and the United Kingdom: evaluating the demographic and workforce consequences (Phase I) (project no. 30001)

David Coleman, Sylvie Dubuc and John Haskey: Post-war migration and the United Kingdom: evaluating the demographic and workforce consequences (Phase II): a further analysis using the 2001 Census (project no. 30060)

Giselle Cory and Alex Hurrell: Social mobility & progression in the labour market (project no. 30160)

Alexander Danzer and Peter Dolton: Occupational and sector differences in pensions and the total reward structure of the UK (project no. 30120)

Elizabeth Davies, Paul Williamson and Clare Holdsworth: The leaving of Liverpool: an examination into the migratory characteristics of Liverpool (project no. 30005)

Will Dear and Kelvyn Jones: Is there a geography to female breast cancer mortality rates in England and Wales, once socio-economic factors are taken into account? (project no. 30043)

Chris Dibben: Inequalities in the outcome of pregnancy (project no. 30035)

Pat Doyle: Prevalence of multiple births by socio-economic status, region and calendar period (project no. 30108)

Sylvie Dubuc: Fertility of ethnic and religious groups in the UK (project no. 30124)

Phil Edwards, Andy Sloggett and Ruth Sullivan: Secondary road traffic casualties in England and Wales (project no. 30085)

Peter Elias, Ritva Ellison and Kate Purcell: Higher education, occupational careers, gender and social class (project no. 30017)

Adrian Farthing and Emily Grundy: Period changes in the mortality of older people by socio-demographic characteristics (project no. 30018)

Richard Feltbower, Adam Glaser and Roger Parslow: Geographic mobility of long-term childhood cancer survivors (project no. 30010)

Xiaoqi Feng, Robin Flowerdew, Zhiqiang Feng and Maarten Van Ham: Ethnic inequalities in social mobility at the neighbourhood scale (project no. 30122)

Anthony Fielding: Social and geographical mobility: a regional analysis (project no. 30040)

Allan Findlay and David McCollum: Occupational and spatial mobility of the Scots born population of South East England (project no. 30048)

Marco Francesconi: Intergenerational mobility among second generation immigrants (project no. 30050)

Ai Tee Goh and Magda Sibley: High density, low rise sustainable courtyard housing for urban area (project no. 30109)

Alice Goisis and Wendy Sigle-Rushton: Analysing gaps in child health in the UK: a "weathering" hypothesis perspective (project no. 30143)

Jamie Goodwin-White, Corrado Giulietti and James Raymer: Intergenerational patterns of migration in the UK (project no. 30061)

Ian Gordon and Andy Pratt: Exploration of the relationship between gentrification and resident health (project no. 30059)

Myles Gould, Kelvyn Jones and Mark Rowley: Extending multilevel modelling of geographical variations in female labour force participation, 1971-2001 (project no. 30042)

Emily Grundy, Harriet Young, Paul Boyle and Dermot O'Reilly: Developing integrated analyses of the England and Wales, Scottish and Northern Ireland Census Longitudinal Studies: health and mortality as a case study (project no. 30086)

Emily Grundy and Liam Crosby: The effect of active travel-to-work on socioeconomic health inequalities in England and Wales, 1971-2001 (project no. 30136)

Emily Grundy and Cecilia Tomassini: FELICIE Future Elderly Living Conditions In Europe (project no. 30037)

Emily Grundy and Cecilia Tomassini: Fertility, marriage and household: associations with the health and mortality of women in later life (project no. 30091)

Emily Grundy: Mean household size of older people in 2001 (project no. 30052)

Emily Grundy, Mike Murphy and Sanna Read: Household type transitions after widowhood (project no. 30089)

Emily Grundy and Tricia Larose: Mortality and religion: a longer life by the grace of God? (project no. 30137)

Emily Grundy and Monica Mendes da Camara: Socio-demographic factors in elder suicide in England and Wales (project no. 30002)

Ray Hall and Philip Ogden: One person households in inner London 2001 (project no. 30073)

Seeromanie Harding, Erik Lenguerrand and Michael Rosato: Social trajectories and health among ethnic minority groups (project no. 30099)

Mairi Harper, Ronan O'Carroll and Rory O'Connor: Adaptive and maladaptive coping in bereaved parents (project no. 30087)

Kaveri Harriss and Sarah Salway: Limiting long-term illness and livelihoods in ethnic minorities (project no. 30025)

Jenna Hawkey and Joseph Melling: In-migration and Cornish nationalism since 1960 (project no. 30067)

Ursula Henz: Long term trends in life-time spent with children (project no. 30127)

Michael Hirst, Michael Hirst, Anne Corden, Katharine Nice and Julie Williams: Financial consequences of the death of a partner (project no. 30093)

Chris Hiscock and Keith Hoggart: Residential differentiation and identity of the service classes (project no. 10345)

Anke Hoeffler and Paul Collier: Dynamics of immigrant location in the UK (project no. 30133)

Keith Hoggart: Who are the rural working class? (project no. 30020)

Naomi Holman and Naveed Sattar: Mortality rates by ethnic group and deprivation in the general population (project no. 0301688)

Hywel Jones and Osian Bowyer: Welsh speakers and migration (project no. 0301650)

Heather Joshi, Heather Joshi, Brian Dodgeon and Gareth Hughes: Longitudinal evidence for DEFRA Rural Evidence Research Centre (project no. 30031)

Eleni Kampanellou, Christopher Dibben, University of St Andrews and Frank PophamFrom industries to services: occupational mobility and health in  England and Wales (project no. 30150)

Juta Kawalerowicz and Michael Biggs: Local ethnic composition and geographic mobility 1971-1991 (project no. 0301728)

Leanne Keefe Haliburn, Cynthia Haliburn and Ron Keefe: Teenage motherhood and family history of teenage motherhood (project no. 30164)

Christel Kesler and Luisa Schwartzman: Immigration and ethnic boundary crossing in England and Wales: a multi-generational approach (project no. 30090)

Genna Kik, Megan Blake and Paul White: Inter-ethnic segregation across British labour markets (project no. 30034)

Dave Leon, Georgina Ronalds and Vladimir Shkolnikov: Mortality and life expectancy in the most privileged socio-economic groups: 'The Vanguard Project' (project no. 30039)

Laurence Lessard-Phillips and Anthony Heath: Ethnic educational inequalities amongst the second generation in four receiving societies (project no. 0301005)

Yaojun Li, David Marsh and Therese O'Toole: Changing ethnic identities in England and Wales 1991-2001 (project no. 30015)

Sara Magnusson and Paula Zaninotto: Lifetime disadvantage and suicide in the ONS Longitudinal Study (project no. 30114)

Ravi Maheswaran and Lorna Fraser: A longitudinal study of the association between green space and mortality in England (project no. 1000494)

Rohini Mathur and Emily Grundy: Investigating individual and inter-generational changes in ethnicity over time and its relationship with measures of health (project no. 30151)

Gerry McCartney, David Walsh, David Batty and Louise Flanagan: Trends in mortality inequalities by education (project no. 20134)

David Melzer, Brenda McWilliams and Elizabeth Gardner: Understanding the changing health status and health needs of older people: England and the USA compared (project no. 30023)

Sarah Monk and Alan Holmans: Understanding demographic, spatial and economic factors influencing future demand for affordable housing (project no. 30058)

Robert Moore and Mary Hickman: Ethnic identity changers 1991 - 2001 (project no. 30095)

Tony Morgan and Bronwen Walter: Spanish-born population in the United Kingdom (project no. 30014)

Michael Murphy, Emily Grundy and Harriet Young, Seppo Koskinen and Pekka Martikainen: Marital status, living arrangements and health: trends, comparisons and causes (project no. 30021)

Raya Muttarak and Anthony Heath: Ethnic educational inequality: ethnicity, social background and the educational career (project no. 0301052)

Maire Ni Bhrolchain and Debbie Davies: Cohort trends in educational qualifications in Britain (project no. 30118)

Paul Norman: Health selective migration: influences of geographical mobility and changes in socio-spatial contexts on health outcomes (project no. 401001)

Paul Norman, Paul Boyle and Corinne Camilleri-Ferrante: Investigating the difference in health experience for migrants and non-migrants within the UK: assessing the role of origin and destination deprivation experience (project no. 10347)

Dermot O'Reilly and Michael Rosato: Census based self reported health measures: an examination of changes between the 1991 and 2001 censuses (project no. 30044)

Dermot O'Reilly and Michael Rosato: Ethnicity, mortality and self-reported limiting long term illness and general health at the 2001 Census (project no. 30080)

Dermot O'Reilly and Sheelah Connolly: Does selective migration cause the increasing socio-economic gradient in ill-health? An analysis using the ONS Longitudinal Study for England and Wales (project no. 30036)

Dermot O'Reilly, Michael Rosato and Sheelah Connolly: The relationship between informal care giving and mortality: an analysis using the ONS-LS (Phase I) (project no. 30081)

Dermot O'Reilly, Susan Ramsay and Emily Grundy: The relationship between informal care-giving and mortality: an analysis using the ONS-LS (Phase II) (project no. 30147)

Dermot O'Reilly and Michael Rosato: The relationship between self reported health, levels of economic activity and mortality: an analysis using the ONS LS (project no. 30083)

Dermot O'Reilly and Michael Rosato: Self-reported health, socio-economic status and area of residence: understanding the relationships (project no. 30027)

Michael Oxley, Anna Clarke, Chihiro Udagawa, Michael Jones and Charlotte Hamilton: The role of housing and housing providers in tackling poverty (project no. 100120)

Pawel Paluchowski, Paul Glennie and Wenfei Wang: Immigration to England and Wales against the backdrop of its population ageing (project no. 0301261)

David Pevalin: Social conditions as fundamental causes of disease - a test of the theory (project no. 0300984)

Kate Pickett, Richard Shaw and Christo Albor: Ethnic density effects on physical health (project no. 30123)

Lucinda Platt and Laura Adelman: Children, ethnicity and workless households (project no. 30096)

Lucinda Platt: Ethnic minority social mobility (project no. 30008)

Lucinda Platt: Ethnicity and men's unemployment dynamics (project no. 40011)

Lucinda Platt: Exploring the social mobility of minority ethnic groups in Britain (project no. 40004)

Ian Plewis and Mel Bartley: Socio-economic effects on educational inequalities across the life-course (project no30132)

Marie Pointer and Jack Bowden: Investigating the affect of heterosis on childhood mortality (project no. 30119)

Allyson Pollock, Sylvia Godden and Sue Kerrison: To what extent are minority ethnic groups involved in cancer clinical research as research subjects? (used data extracted for an earlier project so was not given project number)

Jan Poloniecki and David Hofman: English population death rates from the ONS Longitudinal Study (project no. 30141)

Frank Popham and Paul Boyle: Assessing differences in mortality risk between England and Wales and Scotland by country of birth (project no. 30117)

Frank Popham and Richard Mitchell: Changing housing tenure without moving home: the impact on health (project no. 30068)

Francesco Pozo-Martin, Zaid Chalabi and Frank Dowie: Analysing and supporting decisions in health: comparison and evaluation of alternative analytical decision models (project no. 30088)

Gillian Raab, Marion Henderson and Lin Hattersley: Regional patterns of teenage births in relation to social factors and educational and social outcomes for young women following a teenage birth (project no. 30094)

Susan Ramsay and Emily Grundy: Differences in the risk of mortality following the death of a spouse (project no. 30149)

James Robards and Andrew Hinde: Transitions into care and mortality among older people (project no. 30146)

Georgina Ronalds and Dave Leon: Study of the relationship between ethnic ancestry and birth weight in babies born to South Asian and White parents in England and Wales (project no. 30012)

Peter Scarborough, Prachi Bhatnagar and Asha Kaur: Ethnic differences in cardiovascular disease (project no. 30121)

Jamie Sergeant and David Firth: Relative index of inequality: definition, estimation and inference (project no. 30026)

Rakesh Shah and Richard Verrell: Trend analysis in social class differences in mortality by different causes of death, 1971-2005 and forecasting mortality into the future (project no. 30055)

Stavan Shah and Nicholas Crafts: Social class mortality differentials, England and Wales (project no. 30062)

Andy Sloggett, Emily Grundy and Harriet Young: Breast cancer survival: association with socio-economic status and social support for women in England and Wales (project no. 30003)

Andy Sloggett and Emily Grundy: Socio-economic and socio-demographic inequalities in cancer incidence and survival in the older population of England and Wales (project no. 20059)

Alex Smith and Eve Roman: Incidence of lymphoma by socioeconomic status (project no. 30032)

Neil Smith and Emily Grundy: Period trends in ethnic inequalities on long term limiting illness (project no. 30142)

Nick Spencer, Clare Blackburn and Janet Read: Childhood disability, limiting long-term illness and socio-economic disadvantage (project no. 30116)

Adam Stiles, Jurgen Essletzbichler and Adam Dennett: Escalator regions in the 21st century: has London and the South-East maintained its position as the best place to achieve social mobility and accumulate human capital? (project no. 1001877)

Jason Strelitz and Kathleen Kiernan: From immigration to inclusion? A longitudinal study of immigration and outcomes for children (project no. 30009)

Peter Urwin, Franz Buscha, Giorgio Di Pietro, Jo Blanden, Patrick Sturgis, Marcos Delprato and Maura Lantrua: Education and social mobility:a review of longitudinal data (project no. 30072)

Matthew Wallace and Michel Guillot: Understanding age variation in the migrant mortality advantage (project no. 1001959)

Bronwen Walter: Second-generation Irish people in England and Wales: social mobility abd parents' background (project no. 30045)

Martin Weale, Silvia Sze Wai Lui and Jan Van de Ven: Healthy life expectancy and education (project no. 30125)

Roger Webb and Kathryn Abel: Risk of premature death among teenage mothers in England and Wales (project no. 30078)

Ben Wheeler: An investigation into the role of environmental factors in socioeconomic and geographic health inequalities in the UK (project no. 10338)

Malcolm Williams, Katarzyna Jaksina, Carole Sutton and Malcolm Brown: Cohort analysis of the socio-economic outcomes of migration to Cornwall since 1971 (project no. 30066)

Malcolm Williams and Brian Dodgeon: Single households and household change 1971-1991 (project no. 10346)

Malcolm Williams, Moira Maconachie, Joan Chandler, Lawrence Ware and Brian Dodgeon: Solo living and life course change 1991 - 2001 (project no. 30046)

Jo Wood, Jason Dykes and Aidan Slingsby: "Flowtrees" (spatial origin-destination matrices) for studying migration patterns (project no. 30113)

Belinda Wu: SYLLS: Synthetic data estimation for the UK longitudinal studies (project no. 30158)

Harriet Young and Emily Grundy: Living arrangements, health and well-being: a European perspective (project no. 30111)

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