Beta testing of the 2011 Census data/LS linkage

The beta test stage of the project to link 2011 Census data to the LS is the final test stage prior to release of the new LS Research Database. During this stage, scheduled to run from beginning of May to autumn 2013, the following projects will use the new data to assess whether the new database is fit for purpose:

Health selective migration: influences of geographical mobility and changes in socio-spatial contexts on health outcomes

Paul Norman, University of Leeds

(Project no. 401001, supported by CeLSIUS)

The determinants of stable ethnic and religious identity 1991 - 2001 - 2011

Ludi Simpson and Stephen Jivraj, University of Manchester and Sian Bradford, Office for National Statistics

(Project no. 401002, supported by ONS)

Ethnic migration and mobility in England and Wales to 2011

Lucinda Platt, Institute of Education, Gemma Catney, University of Liverpool, Eric Kaufmann and Gareth Harris, Birkbeck, University of London, Carolina Zuccotti, Institute of Education and Fiona Steel, University of Bristol

(Project no. 401003, supported by CeLSIUS)

Inter-cohort trends in intergenerational mobility in England and Wales: income, status, and class (InTIME)

Franz Buscha, University of Westminster and Patrick Sturgis, University of Southampton

(Project no. 401004, supported by ONS)

Care giving, employment and the health of women: multiple jeopardy for some ethnic groups?

Seeromanie Harding, University of Glasgow, Michael Rosato, Queen's University Belfast, Ursula Read, Oaribile Molaodi and Alistair Leyland, University of Glasgow

(Project no. 401005, supported by CeLSIUS)

Are we becoming more migratory? An analysis of internal migration rates, 1971-2011

Tony Champion, University of Newcastle and Ian Shuttleworth, Queen's University, Belfast

(Project no. 401006, supported by ONS)

Characteristics of and living arrangements amongst informal carers at the 2011 and 2001 Censuses: stability, change and transition

Maria Evandrou, James Robards, Athina Vlachantoni and Jane Falkingham, University of Southampton and Julie Jeffries and Angele Storey, Office for National Statistics

(Project no. 401007, supported by ONS)

Assessing the contributions of the workplace and employment history, the local area, and individual health and social factors from childhood and adulthood to extended working life

Nicola Shelton, Jenny Head and Rachel Stuchbury, University College London

(Project no. 401008, supported by CeLSIUS)

Exploring the relationships between time since immigration and language spoken

Oliver Duke-Williams and Rachel Stuchbury, University College London

(Project no. 401009, supported by CeLSIUS)

What does the 2011 Census tell us about the quality of NHS registration data? And what does NHS registration data tell us about the new Census migration questions?

Steve Smallwood and Ann Blake, Office for National Statistics

(Project no. 401010, supported by ONS)

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