Centre for Longitudinal Study User Information and Support

The Centre for Longitudinal Study Information and User Support is an ESRC-funded support team for UK academic, statutory and voluntary sector users of the Office for National Statistics (ONS) Longitudinal Study (LS).

We provide high quality user support for the ONS LS - this service is free to the user.

CeLSIUS News...

CALLS Hub is hosting Roadshows to reach out to potential new LS users. You are invited to go along and find out more about our work and hear researchers share their results. There are three upcoming events - in Aberdeen, Glasgow and Bristol. See calls.ac.uk/news-entry/uk-ls-roadshow-2015/ for more information.

New data dictionary

We are grateful to the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine for providing access to our old data dictionary, which you will be able to link to from this page until the end of December 2015. However, we now have a new data dictionary that includes 2011 Census variables which you may link to from many places throughout this website, including the user resources page.

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