Centre for Longitudinal Study User Information and Support

The Centre for Longitudinal Study Information and User Support is an ESRC-funded support team for UK academic, statutory and voluntary sector users of the Office for National Statistics (ONS) Longitudinal Study (LS).

We provide high quality user support for the ONS LS - this service is free to the user.

CeLSIUS News...

UK Longitudinal Studies Roadshow – Cardiff

March 18 2016, at Cardiff City Hall, Wales

This event forms part of a series of Roadshows across Scotland, England and Wales. Come along to hear examples of the many types of research that the ONS, Northern Ireland and Scottish LSs can be used for, to find out more about their potential and learn how you can access them. More information and registration is available here

Synthetic ONS LS spine data now available!

We are very excited to announce that the first LS synthetic spine is now available to download! This allows you to try out using data which closely resembles the actual ONS LS data before making an application.

Find out more about the Synthetic Data project and download the data – plus a practical exercise to get you started – on the CALLS-Hub information page (download link near bottom of page).

New data dictionary

We have a new data dictionary that includes 2011 Census variables which you may link to from many places throughout this website, including the user resources page.

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