Lab Techniques in Cell Biology CPD

10th June 2016
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 Professor Ivan Gout, Course Leader

The main focus of my research is the study of basic mechanisms by which cell growth and metabolism are regulated in normal and cancer cells.  There are two major areas of interest in my laboratory  a) regulation  of cell growth, metabolism and proliferation via the mTOR/S6K pathway and  b) the role of Coenzyme A and its derivatives in cellular metabolism and gene expression.  The development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for cancer is the ultimate goal of both programmes, which we pursue through collaboration with academic and industrial partners

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 Contributing Lecturers

Professor Geraint Thomas Department of Cell & Developmental Biology, University College London
Scientific interest: Cell signalling mechanisms including protein kinases, phospholipid kinases, phosphlipases and GTP-binding proteins. Raman microspectrosopic imaging in cancer diagnostics. General biochemistry and molecular cell biology
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Professor David Gems, Deputy Director Institute of Healthy Ageing
Scientific interests:  understanding the genes and biochemical processes by which reduced insulin/IGF-1 signalling and dietary restriction increase lifespan.  Using C.elegans as an ideal model organism to study ageing, the lab hopes to unreavel the mystery of human ageing. see profile

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Professor Julie Daniels, Director Cells for Sight Stem Cell Research Unit, Department Ocular Biology & Therapeutics, UCL Institute of Ophthalmology
Research Interests: 
Professor Daniels is a leader in translational research into the use of stem cells for repair of the human ocular surface. Also understanding the biological mechanisms that cause pathologies of ageing, and how such pathologies lead to mortality;  insulin/IGF-1 signalling and dietary restriction and biology of ageing. see profile

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YouTube - Developing Stem Cell Therapy as an alternative to corneal transplants

 Dr Yugo Tsuchiya,  Department of Structural & Molecular Biology, University College London
Scientific Interest:  molecular mechanisms of cellular metabolism; signaling via AMPK regulation of Coenzyme A biosynthesis and homeostasis in health and disease.