Study and Training Opportunities

The Clinical Epidemiology Group offers a number of opportunities for training, studying and career development:

Clinical Researchers

Clinical epidemiological questions constitute a “basic science” for practicing clinicians and those disciplines involved in public health. Academic opportunities for clinicians interested in epidemiology have expanded with the introduction of Modernizing Medical Careers, and Training opportunities exist at:

  • Foundation year 2 level (3 month attachment)
  • Academic Clinical Fellowship (3 year appointment, expected to lead to Masters degree and PhD)
  • Clinical lectureships (4 year training, expected to lead to establishment as independent investigator, and completion of specialist training (CCST) in Public Health, or other clinical discipline) 

Non-Clinical Researchers

Enquiries from prospective PhD students with biological, social science, or other quantitative backgrounds are welcome.

Public Health Trainees

Academic attachments are available for trainees. 

Other Teaching

Members of the group teach on a number of courses within UCL and at other institutions, including the:

Workshops and Short Courses

International Summer School in Prognosis Research

The PROGRESS partnership is hosting a three-day summer school from the 26th to 28th of June, 2013.  It is designed to introduce the key components and uses of prognosis research to health professionals and researchers.  For more information, and a registration form, please go to the PROGRESS website: www.progress-partnership.org.