Staff and Students

Olga Archangelidi, MSc PhD student 
Lee Barker, BSc
Database Developer/Programmer
Denise Beales, PhD Centre Manager
Giovanna Ceroni Personal Assistant to Prof. Hemingway
Sheng-Chia Chung, PhD Epidemiologist
Spiros Denaxas, PhD Senior Research Associate in Health Informatics
Bram Duyx, MSc
Research Assistant
Natalie Fitzpatrick, MSc Research Programme Manager
Julie George, MFPH NIHR PhD Fellow and Public Health Trainee
Harry Hemingway, FRCP Professor of Clinical Epidemiology
Carla Logon
 Personal Assistant to Natalie Fitzpatrick
Christiana MacMahon
 PhD Student
Katherine Morley, PhD Senior Research Associate
James Moss
Research Assistant
Riyaz Patel, MD NIHR Clinical Lecturer in Cardiology
Mar Pujades, PhD Senior Research Associate
Eleni Rapsomaniki, PhD Statistician
Bruna Rubbo Research Assistant 
Anoop Shah, MRCP Academic Clinical Fellow, Clinical Pharmacology
Dimitris Stogiannis, PhD
 Research Associate
Andrew Thompson, PhD
 Research Associate
Joshua Wallace, MSc
 PhD student
Min Zhao Research Assistant

UCL Collaborators

Aroon Hingorani Professor of Genetic Epidemiology
Mika Kivimaki Professor of Epidemiology
John Deanfield Professor of Clinical Cardiology
Pier Lambiase Senior Lecturer in Cardiology

External Collaborators

Adam Timmis Professor of Clinical Cardiology, Queen Mary University London
Gene Feder Professor of Primary Health Care, Bristol University
Liam Smeeth Professor of Clinical Epidemiology, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Mark Sculpher Professor of Health Economics, York University
Doug Altman Professor of Medical Statistics, Oxford University

External Collaborators (international)

Peter Heuschmann Berlin, Germany
Bob McNamara Yale, US
Tomas Jernberg Karolinska, Sweden
Ewout Steyerberg Erasmus, Netherlands