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How to organise a Symposium

One of the CEE's activities consists of organising symposia on particular topics within the ecology and evolution remit. These one-day events take place twice a year, in spring and autumn. They feature invited speakers as well as contributed talks and are open for anyone to attend. The aim of the symposia is to provide an overview of current research, to foster exchange and collaboration within and beyond the CEE and to give younger CEE researchers an opportunity to present their work.

Past symposia have covered topics as diverse as speciation, ecological processes in the Amazon, functional anatomy or biodiversity and ecosystem function and have been successes in terms of attendance and interactions they have fostered.

The CEE supports symposia with a financial contribution of up to £1000 and will assist with obtaining additional funding wherever possible.

How to suggest a symposium

To suggest a symposium, please e-mail cee@ucl.ac.uk providing a date, title of talk, the names and affiliations of organisers and a short abstract outlining the motivation for organising the symposium, potential invited speakers and other relevant information. 

We will publish two calls for proposals per year: deadlines 22nd June and 15th December. However, submission can be made at any time. The steering committee will select symposia from the suggestions during its meetings in June and January.

Why to suggest a symposium

There are several good reasons why you should organise a symposium. From a scientific perspective, a symposium is a unique opportunity to invite and interact closely with leading scientists in a field and to get a complete overview of current ongoing work. From a personal perspective, organising a symposium will look good on your CV and put you in the spotlight. Finally, from a funding point of view, you can increase the appeal of your grant application by offering to organise a symposium.

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