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Collections Based Research in the Genomic Era


Collections Based Research in the Genomic Era

A joint meeting of the Centre for Ecology and Evolution & the Linnean Society of London

2nd & 3rd April 2014 – Linnean Society of London

For details and registration visit www.linnean.org/genomicera

Collections-based research, conducted in Natural History Museums, Botanical Gardens and Zoos, has constantly re-invented itself in response to changing methods and technologies. Biological collections (e.g. museum, herbarium or living specimens) are at the front line of biodiversity research, informing taxonomy, evolution, conservation and sustainable livelihoods. As the genomic era dawns, generating DNA data at an unprecedented scale, collections-based researchers must adapt and respond to the new opportunities that these technologies present. This meeting will bring together genomics experts, collections-based researchers and curators to explore next generation sequencing methods. Sessions will range from practical aspects to applications in phylogenetics, museomics and conservation.

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