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Events and Seminars

Please find below a list of upcoming seminars and events

Upcoming CEE Events

  • Julian Huxley Lecture - 1-2pm, 4th Feb 2015, Darwin Lecture Theatre - Title TBC - Speaker: Jane Hill (University of York) Host: Jon Bielby, IoZ
  • Darwin's Birthday Debate - 11th Feb 2015, Natural History Museum, details to be confirmed.
  • Spring Symposium - Details to be confirmed

If you would like to organise a symposium all suggestions welcome! Please send to cee@ucl.ac.uk for symposium to be considered for 2015.

London based Evolution and Ecology Events Calendar

If you would like to include a seminar, event or a seminar series to the CEE, please e-mail details of the event, at least two weeks before the seminar date, to cee@ucl.ac.uk

Once accepted your event will be publicised on the calendar below, via e-mail and to the twitter community.  

Full details of each event, including; title, information about the speaker, abstract can be found by clicking on the event and further details.

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