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First Year CDB PhD Students: Mini Symposium

Tuesday 1 July, 1.30-4.10pm

Host: Yoshiyuki Yamamoto
Room 249, 2nd Floor, Medical Sciences Building
1.30pm  Lizzie Yates: "Messed up lysosomes: what’s their role in Parkinson’s disease?"

1.45pm  Francis Carpenter: “Neural Representations of Space in Connected, Perceptually Identical Compartments”

2.00pm  Chris Penny:  "The functional architecture of Two-Pore Channels" 

2.15pm  Amina Yonis: “The role of actin nucleators in the cellular actin cortex”

2.30pm  Lewis Brayshaw: ”Cadherin de-adhesion in cancer”

2.45pm  Agnieszka Piatkowska: “Mechanism of somite formation”

3.00pm  Interval

3.10pm  Alan Greig: “Pertussis vaccination and dysfunction of the blood brain barrier: an in vitro study”

3.25pm  Marina Teter: “The role of Wnt antagonists in synapse vulnerability”

3.40pm  Gauri Bhosale: “Investigating the mitochondrial permeability transition pore as a therapeutic target in human disease”

3.55pm  Lourdes Sri Raja: "Modelling Protein Signalling Pathways during Neutrophil Differentiation"


Thursday July 3rd, 12pm
Dr Shmuel Muallem, National Institutes of Health
Title: Lysosomal ion channels: form, function and dysfunction
Host: Prof Sandip Patel
Venue: Room 249, Medical Sciences Building

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Directions to YEM:2011

The venue of YEM:2011 is the lecture theatre, Floor 30, Guy’s Tower, King's College London - situated on the southern bank of Thames. You can’t miss the venue it’s the hospital tower next to “The Shard”, now the tallest building in London.

Floor 30, Tower Wing (aka Guy’s Tower)
Kings College London
Guys Hospital
Great Maze Pond
London SE1 9RT

Directions: The tube station nearest to the venue is London Bridge on the Northern Line. One route to the venue from London Bridge tube station is to walk down Borough High Street (away from the river), turn left on to St Thomas’ Road. Walk along until you reach Great Maze Pond road and turn right to go under the metal sign of “Guy’s Hospital”. Continue down Great Maze Pond Road until you walk past the very modern “lumpy” steel structure on your left, turn left directly after this building. NOTE: you have to walk in through the “minor injuries” hospital entrance, through the foyer past the information desks and take the lifts that are to the left hand side. Take the lift to the 30th floor, the lecture theatre will be signposted.

Trains to London Bridge:
Trains from outside London can arrive directly to London Bridge over-ground station, or Waterloo Station– from which you can get the Jubilee line to London Bridge underground station, or catch the RV1 bus.
The tube station nearest to the venue is London Bridge on the Northern Line. Exit the station by Guy’s Hospital side and walk to the hospital entrance. Take the first set of elevators on the left hand side, these will take you directly to the 30th floor.

The Miller Pub:
We have booked a pub for after the meeting it’s very close to the venue (about 2 mins from the venue) and also serves food.
Address: 96 Snowsfields Road,
London Bridge, SE1 3SS
Directions: Exit Guy’s Tower through the foyer, turn left and walk down Great Maze Pond road. Turn left on to Snowsfields Road. The Miller is on the right hand side of the road.

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