CDB Seminars
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All Seminars are held in the Gavin De Beer Lecture Theatre, Anatomy Building, Thursday 1-2pm

May 21: Richa Tripathi (Richardson lab) Death of an Oligodendrocyte: the if and when?

Lewis Brayshaw, (Price lab) Cadherin cell adhesion in cancer metastasis and neural progenitor cell maintenance

June 18: Anna Czarkwiani (Oliveri Lab)/ Zhe Liu (Yamamoto Lab)


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Application Procedures

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4-year PhD
Developmental and Stem Cell Biology

Two stages need to be completed:

1. Please complete a UCL Graduate Student application form
Select "Division of Biosciences" for the UCL Department you are applying to and "Research Degree: Developmental and Stem Cell Biology (4 years)" for Programme Title.

Please note re the online application process: (a) When you submit your application, an e-mail request will automatically be sent to your referees providing them with a link to a secure website to upload a reference - please ensure that your referees add their references by the deadline of Monday 5 January.  (b) You will be required to upload your transcripts - if you are a current student and do not yet have a final transcript, please upload those from the years you have completed to date.  If you don't have a transcript, please upload a list of your marks in this space and forward the transcript to Admissions as soon as available.  (c) There is no application processing fee for this programme.

2. Once you have submitted the application form, please send an e-mail to Debbie Bartram d.bartram@ucl.ac.uk with a single pdf attachment (filename of your last name and first name) containing both your CV and personal statement (same one as used in your application).

Deadline for applications
Applications for entry in September 2015 to be received by Monday 5 January 2015

Interviews will be held in late January/early February 2015

Hippocampal neurones expressing a chimaerin mutant (green), stained for an axonal marker, tau (blue) and actin (red)

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