CDB Seminars
All welcome


All Seminars are held in the Gavin De Beer Lecture Theatre, Anatomy Building, Thursday 1-2pm (unless otherwise stated)

All welcome.

Thursday June 2nd

Ingrid Lekk (Wilson Lab) Development of left-right asymmetries in the vertebrate brain

Claire Anderson (Stern Lab) A search for new organizers


Thursday June 16th

Pedro Henriques (Bianco Lab NPP)

Nun McHedlishvili (Baum Lab) Microtubule cytoskeleton remodeling during mitotic entry


Monday 20 June, 1.30-4.30pm PhD TALKS

Venue: Room 249, 2nd Floor, Medical Sciences Building, Gower Street

Final Year Students

Host: Michael Duchen

1.30pm  Kate Turner

2.00pm  Lizzie Yates

2.30pm  Alan Greig

3.00pm  Interval

First Year Students

Host: Yoshiyuki Yamamoto

3.15pm  Alex Henderson

3.30pm  Bethan Wolfenden

3.45pm  Alessandro Bossio

Final Year Student

Host: Michael Duchen

4.00pm  Chris Penny
Thursday June 30th 

Hyung Chul (Stern Lab) Different combinations of signal inputs for specific cellular events to establish          embryonic axis

Johanna Buchler (Salinas Lab)

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Kathy Tamai

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Kathy Tamai


Co-PI and Lab Manager
Centre for Cell and Molecular Dynamics
Department of Cell and Developmental Biology
University College London


Senior Research Scientist, UCL, Department of Cell and Developmental Biology (2001 - Present)
Research Scientist, Otogene, Tuebingen, Germany (2000 - 2001)
Research Biologist, UCSF, San Francisco, CA, USA (1998 - 1999)
Postdoctoral Fellow, IGBMC, Strasbourg, France (1995 - 1998)
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Freiburg, Germany (1993 - 1994)
PhD, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA (1993)


Tamai TK, Young LC, Cox CA and Whitmore D (2012)
Light acts on the zebrafish circadian clock to suppress rhythmic mitosis and cell proliferation.
J Biol Rhythms 27: 226-236 (PDF).

Tamai TK, Young LC and Whitmore D (2007)
Light signaling to the zebrafish circadian clock by Cryptochrome 1a.
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 104: 2757-2765 (PDF).

Carr AJ, Tamai TK, Young LC, Ferrer V, Dekens MP and Whitmore D (2006)
Light reaches the very heart of the zebrafish clock.
Chronobiol Int 23: 91-100.

Tamai TK, Carr AJ and Whitmore D (2005)
Zebrafish circadian clocks: cells that see light.
Biochem Soc Trans 33: 962-966.

Tamai TK, Vardhanabhuti V, Foulkes NS and Whitmore D (2004)
Early embryonic light detection improves survival.
Curr Biol 14: R104-105 (PDF); Erratum (PDF).

Tamai TK, Vardhanabhuti V, Arthur S, Foulkes NS and Whitmore D (2003)
Flies and fish: birds of a feather.
J Neuroendocrinol 15: 344-349.

Tamai KT, Monaco L, Nantel F, Zazopoulos E and Sassone-Corsi P (1997)
Coupling signalling pathways to transcriptional control: nuclear factors responsive to cAMP.
Recent Prog Horm Res 52: 121-139.

Tamai KT, Monaco L, Alastalo TP, Lalli E, Parvinen M and Sassone-Corsi P (1996)
Hormonal and developmental regulation of DAX-1 expression in Sertoli cells.
Mol Endocrinol 10: 1561-1569.

Ikeda Y, Swain A, Weber TJ, Hentges KE, Zanaria E, Lalli E, Tamai KT, Sassone-Corsi P, Lovell-Badge R, Camerino G and Parker KL (1996)
Steroidogenic factor 1 and Dax-1 colocalize in multiple cell lineages: potential links in endocrine development.
Mol Endocrinol 10: 1261-1272.

Tamai KT, Liu X, Silar P, Sosinowski T and Thiele DJ (1994)
Heat shock transcription factor activates yeast metallothionein gene expression in response to heat and glucose starvation via distinct signalling pathways.
Mol Cell Biol 14: 8155-8165.

Knight SA, Tamai KT, Kosman DJ and Thiele DJ (1994)
Identification and analysis of a Saccharomyces cerevisiae copper homeostasis gene encoding a homeodomain protein.
Mol Cell Biol 14: 7792-7804.

Tamai KT, Gralla EB, Ellerby LM, Valentine JS and Thiele DJ (1993)
Yeast and mammalian metallothioneins functionally substitute for yeast copper-zinc superoxide dismutase.
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 90: 8013-8017.

Dohrmann PR, Butler G, Tamai K, Dorland S, Greene JR, Thiele DJ and Stillman DJ (1992)
Parallel pathways of gene regulation: homologous regulators SWI5 and ACE2 differentially control transcription of HO and chitinase.
Genes Dev 6: 93-104.


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