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Thursday April 24th, 1pm
Prof Justin Blau, NYU
Title: How flies time: Neurobiology of the Drosophila circadian clock
Host: Prof Ralf Stanewsky
Venue: Anatomy G04 Gavin de Beer LT


Friday April 25th, 1pm
Dr Benedetta Ruzzenente, Max Planck Institute
Title: RNA Metabolism in Mitochondria: Lessons from the Mouse
Host: Prof Michael Duchen
Venue: Medawar G02 Watson LT


Thursday May 1st, 1pm
Dr Setsuko Sahara, MRC - Kings
Title: Control of cortical neuron number
Host: Prof John Parnevelas
Venue: Anatomy G04 Gavin de Beer LT


Thursday May 8th, 1pm
Prof Robert Lightowlers, Newcastle University
Title: Mitochondrial gene expression in humans: a tale of two tales
Host: Dr Gyorgy Szabadkai
Venue: Medical Sciences 131 A V Hill LT

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Professor Fred Spoor

Prof Fred Spoor

Fred Spoor is Professor of Evolutionary Anatomy in the Research Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, as well as the Department of Human Evolution of the Max Planck Institute of Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany. He is affiliated with the Koobi Fora Research Project, and a research associate of the National Museums of Kenya.


Telephone: +44 (0)20 7679 4316 (Int: 34316)

Research Lab Pages

My main research falls into two areas:
- Human palaeontology, evolution of skull morphology during the Plio-Pleistocene of Africa in particular, with an emphasis on functional and developmental aspects.
- Comparative and functional morphology of the mammalian inner ear, with a focus on the relationship between the organ of balance and locomotion of particular species.
For more details see my lab page.
My research is currently supported by the National Geographic Society, the National Science Foundation (U.S.A.), and private donations.


1985 MSc Biology, Utrecht University
1987 Lecturer, Department of Anatomy, University of Groningen.
1991 Lecturer, Dept of Human Anatomy and Cell Biology, University of Liverpool
1993 PhD, Utrecht University
1994 Lecturer, Department of Anatomy and Developmental Biology, UCL
1998 Reader, Department of Anatomy and Developmental Biology, UCL

Present Appointments
2002 Professor, Department of Anatomy and Developmental Biology, UCL
Professor, Department of Human Evolution, Max Planck Institute of Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig, Germany.

Selected Publications

(more here)

  • Spoor F, Leakey MG, Gathogo PN, Brown FH, Antón SC, McDougall I, Kiarie C, Manthi FK & Leakey LN (2007) Implications of new early Homo fossils from Ileret, east of Lake Turkana, Kenya. Nature 448: 688-691.
  • Spoor, F., Garland, Th., Krovitz, G., Ryan, T.M., Silcox, M.T. and Walker, A. (2007) The Primate Semicircular Canal System and Locomotion. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. 104: 10808-10812.
  • Alemseged Z, Spoor F, Kimbel WH, Bobe R, Geraads D, Reed D & Wynn JG. (2006). A juvenile early hominin skeleton from Dikika, Ethiopia. Nature.443: 296-301.
  • Spoor F, Bajpai S, Hussain ST, Kumar K., Thewissen JGM (2002) Vestibular evidence for the evolution of aquatic behaviour in early cetaceans. Nature 417: 163-166.
  • Leakey, MG, F Spoor, FH Brown, PN Gathogo, C Kiarie, LN Leakey & I McDougall (2001) New hominin genus from eastern Africa shows diverse middle Pliocene lineages. Nature 410:433-440.

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