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Wellcome PhD Students: Final Year Talks

Thursday 25 September


Room 249, 2nd Floor, Medical Sciences Building, Gower Street

12.30pm:  Scott Curran

12.55pm:  Kristina Tubby

1.20pm:  Miguel Tillo

1.45pm:  Alex Sinclair-Wilson

2.10pm:  Elena Scarpa


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Post-conference interviews, notes and reviews

THES Fertile territory
Reproductive technologies offer older women more choice, but who gains the most benefit?
Article by Prof Rachel Bowlby in The Times Higher Education, 31 December 2009
Observer Women are risking their lives to have IVF babies Dr Sammy Lee interviewed by The Observer. Sunday 13 September, 2009
Womans Hour IVF - have we gone too far?
Dr Sammy Lee discusses the problems with conceiving in older women. Interview with BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour. Friday 18 September, 2009
Podcast Listen to the UCL Podcast from the Conference.
Frances Lynn Read Conference attendee Frances Lynn's blog post.
Times Online Why are older mothers still taboo?
Article in The Times by Vivienne Parry, which has quotes from Dr Sammy Lee, Ruth Mace and Prof Shere Hite. Tuesday 22 September, 2009

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