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All Seminars are held in the Gavin De Beer Lecture Theatre, Anatomy Building, Thursday 1-2pm

29 Jan 15: Daniel Gilmartin (Becker’s lab) Development of a wound healing scaffold that targets connexins / Tom Briston (Duchen lab) Identification and development of novel inhibitors of mitochondrial permeability transition

12 Feb: Ana Faro (Wilson lab)/ Irene Marta Almeida (Stern lab)

26 Feb: Prof Hannes E. Buelow, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY.
Title: To Branch or to branch - Shaping Sensory Dendrites
Host: Dr Richard Poole

5 March: András Szabó (Mayor lab) / Pedro Pereira (Henriques’ lab)

12 March: Jose Gomez (Jessen lab)/Sara Maffioletti (Tedesco lab)

26 March: Lizzie Yates (Patel lab) / Melissa Barber (Parnavelas lab)

9 April: Zeki lab –TBC/ Francis Carpenter (Caswell Barry lab)

23 April: Florent Peglion (Nate Guring lab)/Michele Sammut (Barrios lab, now in Poole lab) 


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CDB New Grants Success

29 October 2010

Recent research grants awarded to members of the UCL Research Department of Cell and Developmental Biology include the following:

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  • Prof Michael Duchen
    £12,000 S/ship: Exploring the roles of mitochondria in the pathophysiology of core myopathies, MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY CAMPAIGN
  • Prof Claudio Stern
    £153,066 S/ship: Scott Curran - 4 yr PhD, Developmental and stem cell biology programme, WELLCOME TRUST
    £153,066 S/ship: Christina Tubby - 4 yr PhD, Developmental and stem cell biology programme, WELLCOME TRUST
    £153,066 S/ship: Alexander Sinclair-Wilson - 4 yr PhD, developmental and stem cell biology programme, WELLCOME TRUST
  • Prof David Whitmore
    £12,000 The dual long-term imaging of calcium and gene expression in Zebrafish embryos, ROYAL SOCIETY

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