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All Seminars are held in the Gavin De Beer Lecture Theatre, Anatomy Building, Thursday 1-2pm

30 Oct: Harold Burgess , NIH
Title: "Deep brain sensory neurons and behavioral control in zebrafish"
Host: Prof Steve Wilson


31 Oct: SPECIAL SEMINAR - Sophie Jarriault (IGBMC)
Title: "Robustness and dynamics of natural transdifferentiation"
Host: Dr Richard Poole


6 Nov: Aude Marzo (Salinas lab)/ Maite Ogueta (Stanewsky lab)

13 Nov: (Paluch lab)/ Robert Bentham (Szabadkai lab)

27 Nov: Irene (Stern lab)/Cristina Benito(Jessen lab)

11 Dec: Marcus Ghosh (Rihel lab)/ (Chubbs lab)


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CDB Sweeps the Board at the UCL Top Administrator and Teacher Awards

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Anushka Megan
Anushka Megan

CDB's commitment to excellence in supporting students and teaching was in evidence this week, as the department swept the board at the Top Administrator and Teacher Awards 2013-14.

Throughout the course of the year, UCL Medical School students are given the opportunity to nominate teachers who were particularly helpful or inspiring to them during their studies. In 2013-14 students cast over 1000 votes, from which there are 65 award winners. Students have also been given the opportunity to nominate administrators whom they found particularly helpful and supportive. 

The department's congratulations go to Anushka Megan (pictured), recognised for exceptional support to IBSc students, and Greg Campbell (Top Teacher Year 1), Les Dale, Fred Spoor and Christopher Yeo (Year 2), Stephen Davis (Year 3) and Wendy Birch (Year 1 & 2 SSCc.).

CDB's Prof John O'Keefe wins the Nobel Prize

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Nobel Prize Winner Prof John O'Keefe

CDB's John O’Keefe has won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2014 for discovering an ‘inner GPS’ in the brain.

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