Our consultants

Our Consultants

The UCL CCS (Cultural Consultation Service)

aims to enhance learning and teaching outcomes

for students and staff facing cross-cultural and

social conflicts.

University College London (UCL), the first UK university to open its doors to applicants regardless of race, class, political belief or religion, prides itself on being a global university


  • Dr. Andreas Charidimou, Neurologist and PhD student at UCL.
  • Clement Bayetti, PhD Student, UCL.
  • Sonal Bharadva, Equalities Administrator, UCL.
  • Professor Jane Dacre, Professor of Medical Education, Director of UCL Medical School.
  • Dr. Simon Dein, Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry and Anthropology, UCL.
  • Dr Jane Derges, Medical Anthropologist and Hon. Visiting Lecturer, UCL
  • Mr. Marco Federighi, Vice-Dean (Education) of Engineering Sciences, UCL.
  • Professor Anthony Finkelstein, Engineering Science Faculty Office, UCL & UCL Race Equality Champion.
  • Dr. David Goldberg, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist & Medical Anthropologist, St Georges Hopsital, London, UK.
  • Ms. Sarah Guise, Head of Equalities and Diversity, Equalities Team, UCL.
  • Professor Z. Xiao Guo, UCL Dept. Materials and Inorganic Chemistry, UCL. Pro-Provost for China.
  • Dr. Sumeet Jain , Hon. Visiting Researcher, UCL.
  • Nanda Kannuri, Phd Student, UCL. 
  • Professor Roland Littlewood, Psychiatrist and Anthropologist, UCL.
  • Ms. Fiona McClement, UCL Equalities and Diversity Adviser.
  • Professor David Napier, Medical Anthropologist, Dept of Anthropology, UCL.
  • Ms. Yemi Oloyede, Inter-Cultural Psychotherapist, UCL.
  • Sonu Shamdasani, School of European Languages, Culture & Society, UCL.
  • Professor Simon Shorvon, Professor of Clinical Neurology, UCL.
  • Professor Michael Worton, UCL Vice-Provost (International).
  • Ms. Francesca Zanatta, Psychologist and PhD student, UCL.

Confidentiality and Governance

The UCL Cultural Consultation Service is not a clinical service and does not provide medical treatment. However, where appropriate, we can help direct those whom we think will benefit from a more formal health consultation.

All enquiries to this service, and advice provided, are strictly confidential. More

Whilst maintaining confidentiality, our own work is overseen and audited through the office of the Vice-Provost (International) and the Dean of Students (Welfare). More