General guides

General Guides

The UCL CCS (Cultural Consultation Service)

aims to enhance learning and teaching outcomes

for students and staff facing cross-cultural and

social conflicts.

University College London (UCL), the first UK university to open its doors to applicants regardless of race, class, political belief or religion, prides itself on being a global university

Useful Readings and Links

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 2) Soorcoormanee, P (2011): Celebrating diversity: only half of the story. Economic and Social Research Council Seminar Series, Global Citizenship as a graduate attribute. 

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4) Long, S (2008): Le Dossier: How to Survive the English! John Murray. London.

Confidentiality and Governance

The UCL Cultural Consultation Service is not a clinical service and does not provide medical treatment. However, where appropriate, we can help direct those whom we think will benefit from a more formal health consultation.

All enquiries to this service, and advice provided, are strictly confidential. More

Whilst maintaining confidentiality, our own work is overseen and audited through the office of the Vice-Provost (International) and the Dean of Students (Welfare). More